Blue and Green Bubble Gap Weakens as Google Messages Will Show iMessage Reactions as Emojis

iMessage Reactions as Emojis in Google Messages

There has been a raging conflict between Android and iOS users over the past decade. It all boils down to preferences whether one is better than the other but when it comes to messages, Apple's iMessage platform is far superior to the rest. Apple has gradually expanded the feature set of the platform and it seems Google wants to do the same. iMessage represents blue color while messages on Android are shown in green. Now, Google's Messages app will show emojis soon for iMessage reactions.

Google Messages Will Translate iMessage Reactions Into Emojis Which is Far Easier to Understand Compared to Awkward Text

Apple is ahead of the competition when it comes to adding features for its iMessage app. The company introduced reactions for messages which allowed iOS users to react to a certain message in six different ways. When it comes to cross-platform behavior. Google Messages was unable to interpret these reactions. Now, the company will make use of emojis to portray a specific iMessage reaction.

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Google turns iMessage reactions into text which appears very awkward. For instance, when an iPhone user reacts with a heart to a specific message, it is displayed as [Person] "Loved" followed by the text of the message. The poor digital translation of reactions only makes it difficult to understand, more if the Android user is not familiar with iMessage reactions.

For now, it's not clear exactly how this "classification" would work, but one would imagine Google Messages would spot incoming messages that start with something like "Liked" and try to match it to a previous message. Once it's figured out what message is being reacted to, perhaps Google Message will hide the incoming iMessage fallback and instead show an emoji under the original message.

That said, iMessage has a different set of reactions than currently offered by Google Messages in RCS chats. Google may be accounting for this, as there is mention in the code of "mapping" the iMessage reactions, possibly mapping to the set of reactions available in Google Messages today, or perhaps just mapping to various emoji.

According to the Google Messages beta code discovered by 9to5Google, Android will translate iMessage reactions into emojis. Emojis are far easier to understand and it keeps the awkwardness out of the communication.

iMessage Reactions as Emojis in Google Messages

This is only a small step forward when it comes to diminishing the gap between the blue bubble and green bubble debate. Possibly soon, we will see these two platforms co-existing with appropriate support for common features. If it pans out, users will be able to interact without boundaries, but it is very unlikely to happen.

This is all there is to it, folks. What are your views on the subject? Let us know in the comments section below.

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