Bloodborne PSX Demake New Development Update Showcases Cleric Beast Boss Fight


A Bloodborne PSX demake is currently in development, and a new update shared online a few hours ago provided a new look at the game's very first boss battle.

The new development update, which has been shared online by the project's developer Lilith Walther, showcases the battle against the Cleric Beast, the first boss battle in the game. The PSX-styled recreation looks quite good, as it also features a rendition of the Cleric Beast boss music made using a real Roland SC-88.

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The Bloodborne PSX demake developer also shared some footage of a working Flamesprayer weapon, which you can find below.

Bloodborne has been originally released back in 2015 on PlayStation 4. Rumors of a PlayStation 5 and PC remaster have been circulating online since last year, but no official confirmation has come in as of now. The only way to enjoy the game in glorious 60 FPS currently is by using the fan-made patch created by Lance McDonald which requires a modded console.

I have build a utility that, when applied to a copy of Bloodborne v1.09 (the latest update), will modify the game engine in a way that allows most of the gameplay logic to run at arbitrary update speeds, increases the framerate cap to 60fps, and optionally lowers the rendering resolution to 1280x720.

Bloodborne is now available on PlayStation 4 worldwide.

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