Blizzard Nerfs Balance Druids, Elemental Shamans & Mistweaver Monks in PvP Through New Battle for Azeroth Patch

Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.1 Hotfix

Blizzard has rolled out a new World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth patch which nerfs Balance Druids, Elemental Shamans and Mistweaver Monks in PvP.

The hotfix was already announced earlier and it now been rolled out the game’s live servers. The nerfs to the above mentioned specs only apply in player vs player settings.

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We’ve included the release notes for this new hotfix down below:

January 10, 2019

Island Expeditions

Developers’ notes: Following up on recent community feedback that we requested, a number of quality-of-life concerns led us to changes that we intend to address many frustrating combat experiences with certain Island ecologies.

Azerite-themed enemies

  • Enemies now prefer not to use Resonant Burst, Resonant Shield, and Volatile Geyser when a nearby enemy has recently used the ability.
  • Reduced the number of Resonant Focus orbs created per cast of Resonant Burst to 2 orbs (was 4).
  • Removed the Knockback component of Resonant Backlash (triggered from Resonant Shield) on Normal and Heroic difficulties.
  • Reduced the Knockback magnitude of Resonant Focus orbs on Normal and Heroic difficulties.
  • Volatile Eruption's disorient effect (triggered from Volatile Geyser) has been reduced to 1 second on Normal and Heroic difficulties, and reduced to 2 seconds on Mythic difficulty (was 3 seconds).

Kvaldir enemies

  • Greatly reduced the magnitude of the two visibility-impacting effects (Fetid Mist, Eerie Fog) triggered from the Kvaldir invasion.

Musken and Yak enemies

  • Removed the knockback effect from Ram.
  • Trample damage reduced by about 50% and is now melee defense.

Player versus Player



  • Celestial Alignment increases damage of your spells by 10% when engaged in combat with enemy players (was 15%).
  • Incarnation: Chosen of Elune increases damage of your spells by 20% when engaged in combat with enemy players (was 25%).
  • Shooting Stars now generates 2 Astral Power when engaged in combat with enemy players (was 4 Astral Power).


  • Mistweaver
    • Surging Mist (PvP Talent) mana cost increased to 3.8% of base mana (was 2% of base mana), and healing reduced by 20%.
    • Way of the Crane (PvP Talent) increases physical damage by 25% (was 35%), and now heals for 150% of damage dealt (was 200%).


  • Elemental
    • Earth Shock damage reduced by 10% when engaged in combat with enemy players.
    • Stormbringer increases Lightning Bolt damage by 115% when engaged in combat with enemy players (was 125%).
    • Surge of Power can now cause up to an additional 2 Lightning Bolt overloads against enemy players (was 3 additional overloads).

Battle for Azeroth, World of Warcraft’s seventh expansion, is available globally now. Blizzard released the expansions first major content update, patch 8.1 Tides of Vengeance, last month and the first build for patch 8.1.5 was deployed on the game’s PTR earlier this week.

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