Bleeding Edge Won’t Get Any More Updates, Ninja Theory Confirms

Alessio Palumbo
Bleeding Edge

Bleeding Edge, the online brawler game released last year by Ninja Theory, won't be getting any more updates. The news came straight from the game's Twitter account, where the developer mentioned having to refocus on Ninja Theory's other projects. Servers will remain online, though, at least for now, allowing fans to keep playing Bleeding Edge.

With the studio now focusing on our new projects (Senua’s Saga, Project Mara & The Insight Project) we have decided that there will be no further content updates for Bleeding Edge. The game is still playable on Xbox and PC. Thank you to the fans & keep teaming up & causing chaos!

Obviously, this is because the game hasn't had nearly the level of success Ninja Theory and Microsoft had originally hoped for.

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In our launch review of Bleeding Edge, Francesco rated the game 7 out of 10 and summarized his experience with it with the following words:

Bleeding Edge is an interesting combination of features taken from Overwatch, MOBAs and character action games, featuring a solid character roster, a good map selection and two modes that feel varied enough. The limited amount of content and the lack of a ranked mode, however, make it difficult to recommend the game as a stand-alone purchase as of now. As an Xbox Game Pass game, though, Bleeding Edge works much better, as players can keep playing while waiting for new content to drop without having to purchase the game right away.

In its launch state, Bleeding Edge is a fun game to play for a few hours, but it can get repetitive quickly due to the limited selection of play modes and player progression. With more content, however, it has the potential to become a huge hit, so the ball is now in Ninja Theory's park to make it happen.

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