BlackBerry Priv Can Now Be Purchased For Less Than $400, If You’re Quick Enough

May 3, 2016

A flagship smartphone being sold for less than $400 is a rarity, and luckily for you consumers out there, it is none other than BlackBerry Priv and is being sold on eBay.

BlackBerry Priv Can Now Be Purchased For Less Than $400, If You’re Quick Enough

BlackBerry Priv Carries A Price Of Just $380 On eBay

According to the details of the page, the sellers carries a 99 percent positive feedback, and as far as the phone is concerned, it features 32GB of internal storage and is compatible with the following LTE bands and yes, before we forget, it is an unlocked phone.

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  • 29
  • 30

BlackBerry Priv

Coming to the hardware specifications of BlackBerry Priv, the secure smartphone features a Snapdragon 808, along with 3GB of RAM. The screen itself is going to be a 5.4 inch one and will radiate a resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels. The hexa-core processor present in the smartphone will not be downclocked so you will not have to worry about performance issues. In addition to a touch-keyboard, there is also a physical keyboard that comes out courtesy of a sliding mechanism and is present for all those who want to experience a more tactile feeling from their mobile’s keyboard.

There is also an 18MP Sony IMX230 camera sensor present on the rear side of BlackBerry PRIV and it is the same sensor that is present on devices like Meizu MX5 and Sony Xperia M5, meaning that it will effortlessly be able to record 4K videos in addition to snapping high-resolution images.

BlackBerry Priv

Do you think that 32GB of on-board storage present in BlackBerry PRIV is far too less to be present in a $380 smartphone? Guess what, you will be able to expand that storage up to 2TB. The device itself is not bad at all, but we feel that BlackBerry should have released it at a much smaller price and it should have been introduced earlier in 2015. Nevertheless, it is still a commendable effort from the company and we hope that its successor is better in every way possible.

Do you guys think that a price of $380 will help BlackBerry Priv to sell better than before? Let us know your thoughts right away.