Black Desert Mobile MMORPG Coming to iOS and Android Later This Year

Black Desert

Popular MMORPG title  Black Desert is making its way to Android and iOS in the form of Black Desert Mobile later this year. The title has been fairly successful on PC and Xbox One and has raked in over $1 Billion in gross sales. Black Desert features all standard MMORPG tropes such as skill-based combat, siege wars, fishing, taming horses, cooking, gathering and hunting.

Black Desert Mobile'scharacter customisation system allows users to make unique characters. Everything is customizable from the height, size, hairstyle and face of the character down to the eye colour, eyebrow length, amount of shine on the skin and hair colour. Here's how the game looks like:

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The game also features a host of classes such as Beastmaster, Dark Knight, Giant, Ranger, Witch and Sorceress. The combat isn't target-based and requires quick reactions and micromanagement. There's even a lot of non-combat content that allows you to customise your accommodation and learn new skills. It also features a PvP and GvG mode that lets you take control of in-game real estate.

Currently, Black Desert Mobile is only available in Korea, Japan and Taiwan on all platforms including the Google Play Store, App Store and even the Galaxy App Store. As expected, the game will feature microtransactions which range from $0.99 to $49.99. The Black Desert franchise is a fairly successful one and the Play Store ratings indicate that the gameplay is more or less on par with its PC/Console counterpart.

Pearl Abyss was founded in 2010 by Dae-il Kim, a  Korean game producer, with a team of seven people. The company has since grown to more than 700 employees based in South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and North America. The mobile gaming space is chock full of third-rate, hastily designed MMORPGs and it's good to see established names such as Black Desert and The Elder Scrolls make their way to the platform.

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