be quiet! Unveils the Shadow Rock 3 CPU Cooler


be quiet! has announced the Shadow Rock 3 CPU cooler, its latest mid-range CPU cooler that features a redesigned heat sink and heat pipe layout along with the new Shadow Rock 2 fan to increase the rated cooling capacity to 190-watts. At the same time, the asymmetrical design offers improved compatibility with tall RAM modules.

The Shadow Rock 3 is a successor to the Shadow Rock 2 CPU cooler that features more heat pipes as well as an asymmetrical design

One of the differences between the Shadow Rock 2 and the Shadow Rock 3 is that the Shadow Rock 2 relied on four 8 mm heat pipes while the Shadow Rock 3 now has five 6 mm heat pipes with heat pipe direct touch (HDT) technology. The heat pipes are in direct contact with the processor surface, which results in much more efficient heat transfer. This CPU cooler has an upgraded fan from the Shadow Wings 2 120 mm PWM high-speed, which is decoupled from the heatsink and offers a silent operation at no higher noise level of 24.4 dBA, even at the highest speed. This CPU cooler has the option to add a second fan for higher cooling performance.

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Source: be quiet!

The heatsink of this CPU cooler has structural changes that allow the number of total heat fins to be decreased from 51 to 30, and this lowered number enables the weight of the cooler to be half the weight of its predecessor. This reduces the vertical stress placed on the motherboard that this CPU cooler is attached to. The higher TDP of this CPU cooler is due to the higher fin pitch as well as, the newer optimized fan, this CPU cooler's TDP is raised 190-watts.

be quiet! Places emphasis on performance but also build quality, appearance, and ease of use. The installation is simplified. This is due to the top mount design with the included screwdriver. The top cover of Shadow Rock 3 is made from brushed aluminum and feature a bi-color surface treatment for a unique visual design. This cooler features compatibility with all current CPU sockets from both Intel and AMD, this is excluding TR4 and sTRX4, and it fits best with motherboards with up to four memory slots.

Pricing and availability
Shadow Rock 3 will be available for sale on March 3rd at a recommended retail price of $49.90.