Battlefield Single Player Campaign in Development at Seattle Studio

Battlefield 2042

Late last year, after the underwhelming launch of Battlefield 2042, EA announced a significant shakeup of the franchise structure that would put Respawn's Vince Zampella in charge of the IP. At the same time, we learned that Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto would be starting a new Seattle studio with the goal to create story content for Battlefield.

A new job listing for a Design Director suggests that the studio will indeed be creating a new single player campaign for Battlefield.

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Battlefield Seattle is focused on building rich, exciting stories with memorable characters and powerful experiences all in the Battlefield universe. We are building a new studio in the Seattle area composed of leaders and talent with a vast array of AAA game dev experience. As we assemble our diverse team, all who have a voice in making great games together, we're looking for a healthy mixture of tempered veterans and young passionate individuals eager to make a difference.

Role Overview: Reporting to the studio GM, you will manage the design team and design vision of a new Battlefield campaign. Your job is to orchestrate the mission design, narrative, game mechanics, and systems to create the highest quality experience possible. You foster relationships with creative, engineering, and production to create an inclusive design team.

Your job is to embrace the core tenets of the Battlefield franchise and make sure they are woven through all layers of a masterfully designed single player campaign. You will build the studio's design team and culture and build an amazing campaign from concept through release. You are also responsible for leading iteration of the product design based on feedback from peers, company partners, and team members while holding to the core vision.

As a reminder, Lehto had founded V1 Interactive, which released a first-person shooter/real-time strategy game hybrid called Disintegration two years ago. The game didn't sell well, though, and V1 Interactive closed shortly after its release.

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