New Battlefield Hardline Leaked Gameplay Shows Blood Money Mode in Action, Real or Fake? You Decide

Battlefield Hardline has easily won the prize for EA's leakiest game yet, the game has been leaked time and again on official and unofficial levels and it seems that the leaks will keep on coming, eventually the game could leak MONTHS before the actual game, Has EA picked up some Ex-Apple employees?

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New Leaked Battlefield Hardline Gameplay Shows Us a first look at Hardline, Can it Really Hold Its Ground?

Battlefield Hardline is a game that is not like any other game in the series. Battlefield has always been a name associated with military shooters just like how Medal of Honor was once associated with War simulations. Battlefield Hardline cuts away from its military roots and explores the more urban roots as we play games of cops and robbers while Battlefield 5 is being worked on. Currently the game HAS been leaked several times, primarily through a simple Battlelog update and then escalated to a full blown leak. We can add this as another feather in the cap for the studio as we see Blood Money mode in action in what appears to be the closed Beta for the game.

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UPDATE: It seems that EA's ninja crew is working vigilantly, so I have uploaded the video to Mega for your viewing pleasure. Keep in mind that the video is pretty hefty at 600 MB but is at 1080p.

You can download the video by going Here.

As you can see, Battlefield Hardline is ANYTHING but a mystery. Its a game that will easily be played through hell and back. We already had another trailer earlier to this detailing project Omaha and all its features. Blood Money is a fairly simple and fun mode where there is a gargantuan pile of cash and as Cops your job is to take the money from the robbers and as Robbers your job is to hold off the police until you can escape with the money. This sounds like an intriguing game mode and easily can help build a lot of interest, the repetition and redundancy of the same game mode over and over again being put in one Battlefield game to the next was beginning to lose its appeal.

Battlefield Hardline is going to release later this year and is being developed mostly by Visceral Studios, they are actively involved in the multiplayer and the single player development with some help from DICE. Considering Visceral has a pretty good track record of making powerful story telling in previous games such as Dead Space 1 and 2 we can hopefully consider this game to hit the mark and give us enough time to enjoy the game while the next hardcore Battlefield game is being worked on. Since DICE is more or less out of the picture for this game we can only assume that they are allocating complete manpower towards Battlefield 5 or any other main title Battlefield game.

What do you think  of the latest trailer? I personally want to reserve judgement till the game releases but so far the game does look very promising and can really look like it can deliver.

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