[Update]EA’s Battlefield Hardline Game Details Leaked – Game Modes, Vehicles, Weapons, Unlocks Detailed


Update: EA has officially confirmed that Battlefield Hardline would be unveiled at E3 2014 on 9th June 2014. They have launched a new website which can be accessed at - http://www.battlefield.com/hardline.

It has been rumored since a while now that EA's game developer, Visceral are developing a new Battlefield game that's centered around squad and police based combat. While EA hasn't officially announced the game yet since they are keeping things in wrap for E3 next month, koenv blog have leaked a massive set of details which confirm the existence of the game titled, Battlefield Hardline.
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EA's Battlefield Hardline Game Details Leaked

Internally codenamed Havana, Battlefield Hardline is being developed by Visceral Studios, the same studio created some great titles such as Dead Space and Dante's Inferno. Built with the latest Frostbite 3 engine which was initially developed DICE, the game would be aimed towards closed corridors gameplay however the addition of vehicles as suggested from the leaked details suggest otherwise and Battlefield Hardline seems to become a hit for the audience if it maintains the balance of infantry based combat. While the majority of development work would be handled by Visceral, Ghost Games and DICE would also lend in some help for the development of the game. This also confirms why Ghost Games isn't developing a Need For Speed game moving away from their annual release cycle.

Well let's go on with the details, Our gaming writer, Rizwan recently posted an article which showed that the game has been spotted in the latest Battlelog update. The post confirmed that the title would be multiplat and built for both current generation and next generation platforms such as PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One which is a good thing. The majority of the game details come straight from Koenv's blog which show some footage of the game. The game seems to revolve inside City blocks with access to several areas. We have already seen how well Frostbite scales in closed door and open world environments if we look at Operation Metro, Siege of Shanghai and then move towards the larger maps such as Caspian Border, Silk Road, etc. Two of the game modes have been detailed which include Blood Money and Heist. If you've played Payday: The Heist, then you can expect a similar gameplay in the heist mode but this does bring up the question whether there would be an option to select between the good guys (S.W.A.T / Police) and the bad guys (Thieves) giving each faction a variety of different weapons and access to vehicles.

This is confirmed from two emblems that are also leaked, one includes SWAT badge while the other is the THIEVES badge. There are several heist based awards and medals listed on the source which point out to the regular heist styled games but details regarding blood money are unknown and it can revolve around robbing banks then leaving the area safe and sound which is similar to what Titanfall does at the end of the game where the loosing team runs away from the locating while the other team has to hunt down the remaining survivors.

Several weapons are listed which include modern day combat rifles, pistols and machineguns. The addition of melee weapons such as Shield, Bat, Injections, Police Baton, Crossbow, etc suggest the type of gameplay to expect from Hardline. Listed also are several unlocks for the weapons.

The most interesting thing that's leaked are the vehicles which point out to race and chase mechanics in the game with different types of transport such as Helicopters which might be used to land and escape during a heist. There are also several bikes, trucks, vans which are primarily used during robberies.  There are several unlocks for the vehicles too but we don't know what type of vehicles would be categorized to both factions.

The leak is really interesting and is probably the closest thing we might get before launch details during E3. Battlefield Hardline is anticipated to be unveiled at E3 2014 which begins early next month.

Battlefield Hardline Game Details Summarized:

  • Gameplay Modes (Known So Far): Blood Money / Heist / Bomb Squad / Capture The Flag / Rush / Sabotage / Elimination / Team Superiority / Turf War / Team Deathmatch
  • Gameplay Classes (Known So Far): S.W.A.T (Good Guys) / THIEVES (Bad Guys)
  • Gameplay Weapons: Mix of Handguns, Machineguns, Melee Weapons, Closed Arm Combat
  • Gameplay Vehicles: Helicopters, Motorbikes, Vans, TrucksMore details (Courtesy of Goodgamebro)
    • Game modes: TDM, Turf War (Small and Large), Heist and Blood Money
    • Teams: SWAT, CR, LW, & Thieves
    • Heist & Blood Money modes will be playable at E3 on the High Tension map
    • Commander mode appears to be included in the game
    • Vehicles will be included
    • Possible classes (or loadouts): Enforcer, Mastermind, Techincian and Professional
    • Appears to be an in-game store where you can buy weapons and gadgets, similar to Counter-Strike: GO
    • There’s a police baton available for melee combat
    • Gadgets & accessories to include deployable camera, gas grenade, laser trip mine, breaching charge, grappling hook (possible zipline), gas mask, crossbow, riot shield, blowtorch & decoy

Battlefield Hardline Game Screens / Art:Battlefield HardLine Game Shot 2 Battlefield HardLine Game Shot 1 Battlefield HardLine Blood Money ModeBattlefield HardLine Heist Mode

Battlefield Hardline Weapons/ Unlocks / Cars:Battlefield HardLine Weapons Battlefield HardLine Accessories Battlefield HardLine Accessories Logo Battlefield HardLine Vehicles

Battlefield Hardline Medals / Badges:Battlefield HardLine Medals