Battlefield Hardline Leaked Gameplay Trailer Shows Cops and Robbers

Rizwan Anwer

Battlefield Hardline appears to be having a very bad day, The game was originally revealed through a Battlelog update and then it was only a few hours later that the assets would make their way to the internet and then in the span of another few hours the official site went live. Now it appears the what was supposed to the pilot gameplay trailer has also leaked online. Did an ex-Apple employee take employment at EA?

Battlefield Hardline is a game that is going to be a first of its kind. It will break away from the world of military combat and will make players fight under the guise of cops and robbers. Which side you want to be on is completely up to you but after games like Pay Day I would love to jump at the opportunity to be the hero rather than the villain in a robbery.

The first Battlefield Hardline Leaked Gameplay video shows a lot of action and events happening all at once, this is a game that fans have been waiting for and I am sure will definitely be a good game to keep the annual franchise fans at bay until the actual project that DICE is working on is giving the proper attention it deserves.

Battlefield Hardline Leaked Gameplay Trailer Shows Cops and Robbers, Which Side Are You Going to Choose?

The studios developing the game are Visceral studios, better known for their work in the Dead Space trilogy and Army of Two, for the studio to transition from Third Person Shooters to tackling first person shooters is a bit of a leap but I am sure that the game will turn out for the better no matter what.


The video does suggest that you can play on both sides of the world of crime you can be the one who prevents them or spreads them. This is a definite first for the series but perhaps this is exactly what the series needs after jumping from one military shooter after the other.

If you want to download the gameplay video yourself head on over to the link Here, courtesy of the fast hands over at NeoGaf.

If you watch the gameplay trailer you will see that the game will indeed have a very robust and unique multiplayer as opposed to the previous parts in the series, the video suggests that there could be a few new game modes too which would really help stir things up, not to mention that the single player does also intriguing if we are to believe the role we are going to portray is of a morally conflicted cop.

What are your expectations of Hardline? I am hoping it is good.

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