Battlefield 1 Alpha New Video Compares PC Ultra Settings, PlayStation 4 And Xbox Versions

Francesco De Meo
battlefield 1 beta

The Battlefield 1 Closed Alpha has been going strong since last week, and more footage taken from it is slowly becoming available online. A few hours ago, a very interesting video has been made available, a video which compares the Closed Alpha on all three formats.

The new Battlefield 1 Closed Alpha video, which can be watched below, has been shared by Candyland and compares the PC version at Ultra Settings with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions. The PC version obviously looks best, but the other two versions definitely look good, considering their capabilities.

Yesterday, more invites for the Battlefield 1 Closed Alpha have been sent to select PC players. Select PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners have also been able to get access to the Closed Alpha.

Yesterday, a new image showcasing the Alps Rush map has also emerged online, revealing some details on what players should expect to find in it. As the image has been found by checking out the closed alpha files, there's a good chance that things will be somewhat different in the final release of the game.

Character class at the bottom has:
Mid-range anti-infantry
Is that a list of gadgets and abilities?
Looks like the character is holding a Lewis gun but may not be indicative of the players actual character.Green symbols on the Map are:
Sniper (crosshair)
????(3 men) – Is this a spawn point placed down by a player, or something else?
Can see A and B cap points but not C.

Battlefield 1 launches this October on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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