Battleborn Servers Will Go Down on January 2021, Leaving Even Single Player Inaccessible


Battleborn, the first-person shooter game released by Gearbox in 2016, is slowly being sunsetted. Publisher 2K revealed as much with the following update, stating that the title has been already removed from digital storefronts on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

  • After February 24, 2020, you will no longer be able to purchase premium virtual currency (“Platinum”) for use in the game.
  • The game’s servers will remain active and the game will continue to be playable until January 2021.
  • Once servers are deactivated, Battleborn will no longer be playable.

Once platinum stops being sold, can I still spend the in-game currency I already have?

  • Yes, you can still spend any virtual currency (both Platinum and the coins you earn through gameplay) you have in your account until the game’s servers shut down in 2021. You can still grind for it in the game, too, you just won’t be able to directly purchase it anymore.

Are you taking any features offline when you stop selling Platinum?

  • Nope! Nothing else in the game will change until January 2021, when the servers go offline.

Will I still be able to play Battleborn in any fashion (e.g. the single-player campaign, peer-to-peer games) after the servers go offline?

  • No, once the servers are offline in January 2021, Battleborn won’t be playable in any way.

Crucially, when the game servers go down in early 2021, you won't even be able to play the single player campaign, which is definitely weird.

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Battleborn was largely overshadowed by Overwatch as Blizzard's game released only a few weeks after Gearbox's. Still, Dave enjoyed his time with it when he reviewed the game at launch.

Battleborn is a great game. It has some minor issues and can seem overwhelming to start with, but behind that is a really fun, really intuitive shooter that offers more depth than you'd expect from the wacky graphics and humor.  An understanding of MOBAs is not needed to enjoy this game, and is a great entry into the genre for those of us who never managed before now. Like every other team game, playing with friends will always give you a strong advantage of a team of haphazard strangers, but playing alone doesn’t detract from the fun.

Despite its advertising, the only worry with Battleborn is that it is a title that might be forgotten. It has done nothing wrong and is truly enjoyable, but against the upcoming Overwatch, Battleborn might find itself disappearing from the frontlines sooner than it should.

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