Batman, Harry Potter, and Rocksteady E3 Reveals Were Planned, “WB Direct” May be Coming

Nathan Birch
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E3 2020 has officially been cancelled, and perhaps no other publisher will be as hard hit by the news as Warner Bros. Interactive. Rumors about Warner Bros’ upcoming lineup, including their new Batman IP and open-world Harry Potter game, have been flying fast and furious, and according to reliable insider Jason Schreier, the publisher was planning to step it up at E3 and host their own press conference for the fist time. This press conference would have seen WB Interactive officially unveil the Batman and Harry Potter titles, as well as whatever’s next from Batman-Arkham-creators Rocksteady Studios.

What’s Warner Bros. going to do now that E3 is no more? Well, according to entertainment insider Emre Kaya, who’s had the goods on WB stuff on the past, the publisher is likely planning to reveal their games in their own Nintendo-Direct-style presentation.

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So, when might this “Warner Bros. Direct” happen? Well, Emre Kaya also retweeted an earlier “prediction” that WB might reveal their lineup in early May. They now say that statement was not strictly a prediction, implying they had some inside info.

It will certainly be interesting to see what Warner Bros. has up their sleeves. For those who haven’t been following the rumors, the new Batman game is being developed by Warner Bros. Montreal and is said to drop the Arkham continuity and focus on Batman’s family of allies and The Court of Owls. The Harry Potter game is being made by Disney Infinity developers Avalanche Software and will have RPG elements. Rocksteady’s game is more of a mystery, although the latest rumors stated it’s a live-service-style game focusing on a team of DC superheroes.

What’s your reaction to all of this? Are you excited for Warner Bros. to finally reveal their lineup?

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