AURA Smart Strap for Apple Watch Measures Body Composition and Hydration


AURA has announced a new Smart Strap for Apple Watch at CES 2020. The Smart Strap, along with its companion app for Apple Watch and iPhone, can measure body composition, hydration, fitness progress and also provides detailed insights.

AURA Smart Strap uses Bioimpedance technology to track the user's upper body and lung performance. It is an ultrasound interface and consumed lesser energy than other compatible interfaces. By analyzing the upper body, Smart Strap can compare track the wearer’s health.  The Strap can track body composition, which includes fat/muscle percentage, something which the Apple Watch can not track. Smart Strap can also detect a user’s hydration level. Like the Apple Watch, the Smart Strap can also track changes in breathing and pulse and notify if it detects any chance of heart failure.AURA Smart Strap Green

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To capture measurements, users have to connect their non-watch wearing hand to the back of the strap to short-circuit it. The strap will complete a measurement in 20 seconds and save the data. The strap works with Apple’s HealthKit API so all data is saved in the iOS Health app. A companion app is also available for watchOS on Apple Watch, which lets users see hydration and body composition stats right away.

The AURA Strap will be released online in four different colors. The Coal strap, which is the darkest color in the line-up, will be released first, with other colors released later onwards.

AURA Smart Strap

AURA Strap will last up to 6 months in a single battery charge and it is also waterproof, so you can take it with you for swimming. However, the battery is not rechargeable as it uses a standard coin size battery.

AURA Smart Strap Back

The strap is available for pre-order now and will cost $99. It is compatible with Apple Watch Series 1 and above, and fits 38/40 mm as well as 42/44 mm models. For consumers who are looking to get more health data from their Apple Watch, AURA strap seems to be the perfect companion. It integrates well with the Apple Watch and removes the need to carry another device.