AT&T Galaxy S4 Screenshots Leaked, Quadcore Processor & 1080p HD Display Confirmed


We're less than a well away from the official Galaxy S4 announcement which will take place in New York City. That doesn't mean that the rumor mill stops spinning. Over the last couple of days we have been continuously treated to rumors about this upcoming device. The latest rumors includes some allegedly leaked Galaxy S4 screenshots which confirm the presence of 1080p HD display and quadcore processor on the device.

Galaxy S4 screenshots

GSMIsrael claims to have received these Galaxy S4 screenshots from a very reliable source working in AT&T. These particular screenshots are of the AT&T Galaxy S4. A number of cosmetic changes have been made to the UI, which is Samsung's homegrown TouchWiz. The overall look is a bit sleek as opposed to previous devices. The notification bar on the home screen is now transparent.

Galaxy S4 Screenshots


These leaked Galaxy S4 screenshots also solidify the rumors we have heard about a new feature on this device called Smart Scrolling. Apparently the new flagship Android smartphone from Samsung will feature eye tracking, which will eliminate the need for the user to manually scroll after reach the end of the page. The device will automatically tack eye movement towards the bottom of the page and will automatically scroll up, hence providing a never seen before reading experience on a mobile device.


System specifications have also been revealed in these leaked Galaxy S4 screenshots. From what we see here, it is confirmed that the upcoming Samsung smartphones features 2GB of RAM, a 1080p full HD display and a 1.8Ghz quadcore processor. There's also going to be a 13 megapixel camera on the device. It is going to be powered by Android Jelly Bean and will support the upcoming Android update which is due to be announced this summer.



Samsung has already released a teaser trailer of Galaxy S4. The stage is set for the big unveiling on March 14th in front of the public at Times Square. Only time will tell if Samsung once again dominates with its latest Android offering.