Pirate MMO ATLAS Receives The Maelstrom Update, Completely Reworked Map

Kai Powell

ATLAS, the pirate MMO first- and third-person pirate adventure from the creators of ARK: Survival Evolved and Grapeshot Games, is about to begin its fourth season on the high seas. With the upcoming update dubbed 'The Maelstrom', this upcoming expansion will rework the world of ATLAS with a fully overhauled map that aims to chance up the way players explore the world. This includes making it easier to find both allies and foes across the high seas.

Please Note:

  • Since The Maelstrom is a new journey, server wipes will be necessary for a fresh new start.
  • As a reminder, while we focus on PVP gameplay, there will be one global PVE server for the time being.  PVP servers will remain region-specific. [Update from ATLAS: As part of this plan, we’ll be taking NA PVE offline and leaving the EU PVE server as the official PVE world for the time being.]
  • Avast Ye! Servers may be down for around 45 minutes while we deploy the new map this Friday at 8 pm PDT.

The Maelstrom Map is a richer gameplay experience designed in a circular pattern with higher difficulty, more lawless waters in the middle (beware the Kraken!) and safer refuge with additional resources around the world edges for pirates just beginning to level up. Supplies are spread out around the globe to encourage farther world travel - no more homebodies, players must venture out to find all their necessary resources.

This is just the first step in a greater plan to shift gameplay from the land out onto the open seas, driving more interaction between players - both competitive and cooperative! Grapeshot Games has plans for regular content updates to the pirate MMO that will bring joy and piracy back to the lawless waters, with schemes for Trade Winds, Farms, Warehouses, and more!

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ATLAS is currently available on PC and Xbox One (with full cross platform support) and The Maelstrom update will go live tonight starting at 8PM PDT/11PM EDT. As part of the Steam Summer Sale, ATLAS is on sale for $9.89 through July 9th.

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