[Update]ASUS Severely Lacking Behind Other Manufacturers In Resizable BAR Support For Intel Z390 & Z370 Motherboards


ASUS is once again lacking severely behind other manufacturers when it comes to offering support on its older generation of motherboards. Last year, ASUS missed the PCIe Gen 4.0 train on its Z490 lineup, & this year, the company has failed to provide any support for Resizable BAR on its Z390 & Z370 lineup of Intel motherboards.

ASUS Z390 & Z370 Motherboard Owners Have Still Not Received Resizable BAR Support While Other Manufacturers Have Already Delivered

Update: It looks like, after the news, ASUS has decided to change its stance and will now be offering Resizable BAR support on its older Z390 and Z370 motherboard lineup. Following is a confirmation from two different reps who confirm that the boards will be receiving the respective BIOS updates by the end of this month.

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We will provide support for Resizable BAR on Z370 and Z390, as it looks now we will be able to start rolling out the BIOS at the end of the month. - ASUS.David @ Sweclockers Forums

Local holiday here and in TW, so took a bit of time to get back. I've heard the timeline for Z370 and Z390 is late April to early May. SilentScore @ ASUS ROG Forums

Over the last couple of months, each major manufacturer, excluding ASUS, has been releasing its BETA BIOS which adds in support for Resizable BAR on older Intel 300-series motherboards. BIOS updates for the Z390 and Z370 lineup of motherboards were released by MSI, ASRock & Gigabyte but ASUS has yet to do the same.

Replying to a query from a customer, an ASUS customer feedback representative stated that they do not plan to release any further BIOS updates for their Z370 line of motherboards as they have already reached end-of-life. Surely, if ASUS has declared its Z370 lineup as EOL, then so have the other manufacturers but the difference here is that the other brands still offered support for their older products to support new features whereas ASUS has completely abandoned its customers.

Both AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards currently support Resizable BAR technology on boards that have the feature enabled. Currently, Intel's 500/400-series and AMD's 500/400 series are officially titled for Resizable BAR support but as stated above, board makers are offering BETA BIOS for the older Intel 300-series motherboard lineup. ASUS is one of the biggest players in the industry and hence, there's going to be a backlash from the userbase for not supporting a platform like other brands.

Following is what users have been posting over lack of support from ASUS for Resizable BAR on various forums:

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Quite bizarre, I have a Gigabyte Z390 motherboard and have had Resizable BAR support for some months now. I used to be an all out Asus guy, but in recent years I have moved away from their brand. I'm finding that Gigabyte are generally offering more for similar Asus money on such periperals. - Zayd (Overclock.net)

After seeing their terrible support for updating microcodes for older boards it's no surprise they're one of the only manufacturers not supporting z370/z390. WannaBeOCer (Overclock.net)

Using a 3080 with a asus rog maximus xi and have been checking this tread every single day or any news regarding Bar support. Been loyal to Asus for over 10 years and whether we hear back from them or not, I'm moving on from Asus. This is very frustrating and disappointing loosing out on free performance, especially gaming in 4k. id_mew (ROG Forums)

Suit yourself. Goodbye ASUS and ROG products. I will recommend everyone to avoid their products due to their lack of support compared to other brands. And I ask everyone else to do the same. We supported them with our money and they don't give a damn? Well, let's take all the support back then! Spread the word. This shall have consequences! Adhonaj (ASUS ROG Forums)

Well, that is some very sad news. Well, I would seriously doubt if they don't update Z370 they will update Z390 either. Complete BS on Asus part not to update these board they are 100 dreds of thousands of these board still in use today. Tregon (ROG Forums)
Unfortunately, all ASUS series products are already end-of-life. There is no further customers willing to buy them. We don't care about our customers only their wallets. That sounds just about right. (ROG Forums)

Regardless of whether ASUS launches the Bios update for the RESIZE BAR, this was my last Asus product, I will never buy any type of product from ASUS again. It is no longer the first time asus has done this type of thing, and the most serious of all is not even responding to its customers. Oh and just to finish I was very stupid in 20 years to have used products all of them from ASUS. Goodbye ASUS Fred (ROG Forums)<

The technology will not require you to invest in a PCIe Gen 4 platform as it will be supported by PCIe Gen 3 too. BAR essentially defines how much discrete GPU memory space can be mapped & today's PCs are typically limited to 256 MB of mapped memory. Both GPU manufacturers claim that they can access all of the GPU memory, removing any bottlenecks to allow for faster performance utilizing resizable BAR.

Now in ASUS's defense, neither Intel nor they themselves stated to offer official support on the older Intel-300 series motherboards. Even NVIDIA listed only Intel 400-series and beyond would support Resizable BAR but you see, that's not the point here. Once again, the fact that others are doing it regardless of some of these boards being three years old shows that ASUS doesn't care about its previous customers despite their products costing a hefty premium over other brands. ASUS has recently lost its market share to ASRock in Japan and it looks like this kind of support for its PC-centric products isn't going to help them at all.