ASRock Readies Next-Gen DeskMini & DeskMeet PCs With AMD X600 & Intel B760 Motherboards

Hassan Mujtaba
ASRock Readies Next-Gen DeskMini & DeskMeet PCs With AMD X600 & Intel B760 Motherboards 2

ASRock is readying its next-gen DeskMini and DeskMeet PCs which will be equipped with AMD X600 & Intel B760 motherboards.

ASRock DeskMeet & DeskMini PCs With B760 & X600 Motherboards To Support Intel Raptor Lake & AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs

The ASRock DeskMeet and DeskMini PCs are designed as small form factor and barebone PCs that come in both AMD and Intel flavors. ASRock gives you the option to get them in both barebone and pre-built configurations through their partners. Currently, these PCs are available with AMD X300 & Intel B660 chipset-powered motherboards that support the latest Ryzen 5000 & Intel 12th Gen CPU families.

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Now, a listing over at EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission) confirms that ASRock is working on its next-gen DeskMeet and DeskMini series which will include the following offerings:


As you can note in the list above, the ASRock DeskMeet and DeskMini PCs will come in both next-gen Intel and AMD flavors. The Intel flavors will be available with the latest B760 chipset which is going to make its formal debut on the 3rd of January and will feature support for both 12th Gen & 13th Gen CPUs. The new PC will go well with the mainstream Intel 13th Gen CPU options launching the same day as the B760 motherboards though we expect the ASRock B760 DeskMini & DeskMeet series PCs to be available around mid of 2023.

The AMD option from ASRock will come with a brand-new X600 option. This will succeed the X300 series chipset and it looks to be a brand new chipset option in the AMD 600-series lineup. We know about three chipsets so far, two of which have already launched (X670(E) / B650(E). There's also the A620 chipset that launches in 1H 2023 and should go in perfectly with the mainstream Ryzen Non-X CPU options with the Zen 4 core architecture. Once again, we expect the AMD X600 DeskMeet and DeskMini to launch in the first half of 2023.

One should remember that while the ASRock DeskMeet PCs feature support for higher-wattage CPUs, the DeskMini series is limited to just 65W options. Users should keep that in consideration when getting these PCs. The DeskMini also doesn't feature any support for discrete graphics cards. Expect more information at CES 2023 for these new PC options.

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