A Prototype ARM Mac Was Tested out, With Positive First Impressions Related to Its Performance


So far, mobile chipsets operating in notebooks haven’t made those positive first impressions of providing buyers a combination of portability, double-digit battery life, and performance when you need it. However, Apple believes it can deliver the ideal product in the form of its ARM Mac.

There are rumors stating that the company intends on hosting an event on November 17, where there might be two ARM-based MacBook models arriving but how well will they perform? Well, let's just say that an ARM Mac prototype was being played around with and a tipster hints that customers will be satisfied with its performance.

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A source that was in contact with LeaksApplePro says the ARM Mac prototype is fast, as revealed in the tweet below. This suggests that Apple’s custom chips should help the company reduce dependency on Intel for a variety of Macs. Looking at how consistently the rumors talk about two MacBook models, it’s only fair that the Apple Silicon gets tested out on the portable Macs first since it will give the company a benchmark to work with in creating more powerful chips in the future.

Unfortunately, though the ARM Mac prototype is said to be fast, there are still a few factors involved. Sure, Macs have been insanely responsive and so have Windows 10-based notebooks thanks to using fast PCIe NVMe storage. The overall experience can be significantly bumped by getting a storage upgrade, but it definitely looks like there’s more to the story here. What the source could be telling LeaksApplePro is how fast the hardware is, though there’s no evidence in the form of benchmarks to be provided here.

After all, the 8-core Apple Silicon is said to be near-identical to the upcoming 5nm A14X Bionic that will likely be found in upgraded iPad Pro models. In case you didn’t know, estimated benchmark comparisons have revealed that the A14X Bionic is said to be equivalent to a fully-decked out 16-inch MacBook Pro featuring an unlocked Intel 8-core Core i9 processor. These details might reveal that we’re in for a treat later this month.

However, before we get unnecessarily excited, you should treat this information with a pinch of salt for now. There’s no point getting ecstatic at a time when nothing is actually confirmed, but like always, we’ll provide you with more details of the ARM Mac in the future, so stay tuned.

News Source: LeaksApplePro