Apple’s VR Headset Could Potentially Use Gloves to Detect Finger Gestures

Apple AR Headset Patent and Gloves

Apple files a lot of patents and it is not necessary that the final product will see daylight. Most of the time, companies file for patents to secure technologies for the future but one way or the other, it can reach the final product. Apple's AR Headset and AR Glasses have been rumored for a while now and the company continues to win patents related to the use of gloves for skin-to-skin contact detection in augmented and virtual relaity. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.

Apple's Latest Patent Hints at AR Gloves That Could Work Alongside The Headset and Glasses for Certain Actions

According to Patently Apple, the VR gloves could allow users to perform certain actions like move a cursor, scroll, open a document, make selection, and more. When the Apple Glasses are in use, the actions could require skin-to-skin contact. In addition to this, the camera or radio frequency-based systems on the headset could be used to track the finger movement of a user.

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Apple’s invention covers devices and methods of detecting contact between a first body part and a second body part. Sense circuitry can be configured to sense a signal at the sense electrode (e.g., configured to contact the second body part) in response to a drive signal applied to the drive electrode (e.g., configured to contact the first body part).

The new patent also details a system that requires two Apple Watch-like devices to detect skin-to-skin contact. According to the patent, one wearable can sense while the other will be appointed for gesture implementation. The patent also shows a ring instead of a watch that could work with the VR Gloves for certain actions.

Apple AR Headset Patent and Gloves

We have to take note that it depends on Apple when and if it will utlize the patents that it won. It is not neceaary that the product will see daylight anytime soon. Nonetheless, we will keep you guys updated with the latest, so be sure to stick around.

This is all there is to it, folks. Share your thoughts on the new AR Gloves for Apple's rumored headset in the comments section below.

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