Apple’s iPhone 5 To Sport a 12.6 Megapixel Camera?

OmniVision is a well known for producing out-of-the-box digital imaging solutions, especially for supplying Apple with the back camera sensor for it's much fame acclaimed iPhone 4. The California based company has recently produced a new sensor that has been labeled as the OV12825, the camera for the upcoming smartphone generation. The newly developed sensor will enter the production stage around early June, will offer 12.6 megapixel resolution along with 1080p video recording on 60fps.

This isn't no late April Fool's joke people as this futuristic sensor will be a dream come true for photographers all around, especially for Apple fans. (That is IF Apple decides to include it in the iPhone 5)

So far, no orders have been placed for this high end sensor by any company but from Apple's side, there had been some early rumors that had pointed Apple to be ditching OmniVision for Sony's 8MP sensors. Let's hope Apple doesn't drift off to Sony and sticks with OmniVision. Fingers crossed!


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