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Apple Kicks off WWDC 2022 – Grab the Live Updates Here [Video]


WWDC 2022 is now live and you can grab the live updates here in one place. Watch iOS 16, iPadOS 16, watchOS 9, tvOS 16 and macOS 13 unveiling.

Watch iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS 13, watchOS 9 and tvOS 16 Unveiled Live at WWDC 2022

You have multiple choices when it comes to watching the event. Either you can watch the live stream embedded below or you can read me rambling about the announcements as they arrive. Just make sure you hit the refresh button for text updates.

Apple Has Failed in Its Quest to Develop Its in-House 5G Modem, Qualcomm Will Remain Exclusive Supplier for iPhone 15 Series

  • Who thinks Apple will announce hardware today as well? The last time Apple announced new hardware was back in June of 2017 at WWDC. Apple unveiled the 10.5-inch iPad Pro with ProMotion display.
  • Obviously we start with some music. Shazam away if you want.
  • Apple Park has a really strong vibe to it.
  • Good morning and welcome to WWDC - Tim Cook, CEO Apple.
  • I'll be blown away if there is hardware today, any sort at all!
  • WWDC is all about developers.
  • 'We have a huge week ahead of us' - Tim Cook.
  • Craig is up!
  • Apple's production quality always amazes us.
  • First up is iOS 16.
  • All new Lock Screen. Wow.
  • This new Lock Screen is crazy good! You can customize it way too much.
  • The Lock Screen definitely takes editing cues from the Apple Watch.
  • Customizing is super duper easy, too!
  • Widgets on the lock screen too.
  • Loads of new wallpapers, not just one.
  • WidgetKit allows developers to bring widgets to the Lock Screen.
  • Notifications roll in from the bottom of the display, making sure everything stays nice and clean.
  • New feature - Live Activities.
  • Track progress straight from the Lock Screen. Track your workouts, Uber and more using Live Activities.
  • Apple is also boosting Focus.
  • For example, enable a work Focus and some Safari tabs that are not necessary for work will go away.
  • Apple now allows you to edit iMessage sent messages. Delete them too!
  • This is a huge deal for me as I've sent wrong memes to a lot of people.
  • Improvements to SharePlay as well. SharePlay is coming to Messages, finally.
  • Updates to Dictation as well.
  • Dictation is used 18 billion times each month. That's wild.
  • New Dictation experience - allows you to keep on typing and dictating at the same time. Keyboard stays up and you can talk and type at the same time.
  • Live Text is coming to video. Pause any frame and interact with your finger.
  • You can now touch an object and turn it into a sticker for Messages. Every iPhone user should be pleased now.
  • Next update: Apple Wallet.
  • You can share Keys from Wallet using your favorite messaging apps. Key sharing will be cross-platform.
  • New feature - Apple Pay Later. Four equal payments, zero interest and no fees.
  • Apple Pay order tracking coming to Wallet.
  • Apple bringing improvements to Maps.
  • The new Apple Maps experience is coming to several countries and many cities, including Las Vegas.
  • We will outline all these features in detail in our announcement post for iOS 16, so stay tuned for that.
  • Apple TV app brings Live Activities for sports on the Lock Screen.
  • Updates to Family Sharing.
  • Easier to manage accounts for kids. Age appropriate restrictions now in place. Ability to use Quick Start to setup an iPad for your kid(s).
  • Updates to Photos.
  • iCloud Shared Photo Library. Seamless sharing and automatic. Participate in one shared library with up to five people.
  • This is a great way to share photos and make memories complete.
  • Updates to Privacy.
  • Exciting updates to HomeKit and CarPlay!
  • Apple's talking about Matter... again.
  • Will the Matter standard ever be real? We'll know today.
  • We now have an all-new Home app. This is extremely refreshing. Looks way better than before.
  • Integrated rooms in the main tab so you can see everything in one place.
  • Next up - CarPlay.
  • CarPlay has a new look too.
  • Apple has made an entire OS for the car. Dashboard, widgets, main display, everything Apple.
  • Coming in 2024. This is wild. Complete Apple experience in the car. No more limited to just a small screen with 'CarPlay.'
  • Quick Note is coming to iOS.
  • Read all about iOS 16 here.
  • Next up - watchOS 9.
  • Obviously new watch faces, included animated ones. Pretty cool, actually.
  • Rich Complications coming to more watch faces.
  • Refreshed Siri UI, improved banner notifications.
  • New and improved Podcasts app.
  • Big improvements to Workouts.
  • Apple Watch will automatically switch between different workouts. Detection using machine learning and data.
  • Fitness app is coming to all iOS 16 users, not just Apple Watch.
  • New feature - Sleep Stages.
  • Apple Watch will be able to detect which state of sleep you are in.
  • Read all about watchOS 9 here.
  • Next up is the Mac.
  • Next generation of Apple Silicon - M2.
  • Apple focuses more on power efficiency. Based on enhanced 5nm tech.
  • 20 billion transistors.
  • Up to 24GB of Unified Memory.
  • 8 core CPU with larger cache.
  • 18% faster than M1.
  • Apple is doing graphs again.
  • This chip is very fast, surprisingly. We will cover this in detail, so stay tuned.
  • Read all about Apple M2 here.
  • New MacBook Air with M2.
  • Brand new design, obviously.
  • New boxy design, wedge is gone now.
  • 20% reduction in volume.
  • 11.3mm thin, 2.7 pounds.
  • Four new colors.
  • 13.6-inch Liquid Retina display. Rounded corners at the top and notch. 1 billion colors, 25% brighter than before.
  • MacBook Air features 1080p FaceTime camera. No more potato camera.
  • This MacBook Air makes the previous MacBook Pro look so bad.
  • Silent design. Fanless.
  • All-day battery life. 18 hours of video playback.
  • Air supports fast charge with 67W adapter.
  • The new 'blue' color is actually quite sick.
  • 4 speakers with Spatial Audio and support for high impedance headphones.
  • M2 is also coming to the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. Why would anyone would want to buy this when the new MacBook Air is available?
  • New MacBook Air starts at $1,199. MacBook Pro starts at $1,299.
  • MacBook Air with M1 stays with M1 at $999.
  • Read all about MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with M2 here.
  • Next up is macOS.
  • macOS Ventura.
  • New feature - Stage Manager.
  • Stage Manager lets you focus on on app you're using without distractions.
  • Great feature for those who have too many windows open at once.
  • New updates to Spotlight.
  • Spotlight now supports Quick Look. Search and press spacebar and you'll see the preview.
  • Spotlight can now search Photos.
  • New features to Mail. Undo send, schedule send, follow up suggestions, 'remind me' makes it easy to come back to an email.
  • Safari is now the world's fastest browser on the planet. Huge claim.
  • Shared Tab Groups - new feature in Safari.
  • Apple is working to end passwords with Passkey.
  • Next up - Gaming. Wait, what?
  • Metal 3.
  • No Man's Sky is coming to macOS later this year.
  • Resident Evil Village also coming to the Mac.
  • New improvements to Continuity.
  • Continuity expanding to FaceTime. You can move calls from iPhone to Mac, iPad to iPhone, Mac to iPhone and so on. You get the idea.
  • Continuity Camera - use your iPhone as a webcam.
  • This works like magic. No wires. Everything works wirelessly.
  • Desk View just blew our minds.
  • Read all about macOS Ventura here.
  • Next up - iPadOS.
  • It's a big release!
  • Weather app now on the iPad. Now do Calculator next.
  • Collaboration is now easy. Kick it off from the Share Sheet instantly.
  • It's funny how Apple has Desk View for macOS but Craig is completely off-center during a FaceTime Video call.
  • iPadOS 16 gets Metal 3 as well. Tons of improvements to gaming, bringing better graphics to iPad.
  • Apple is revamping Game Center. Remember Game Center? We totally forgot about it, too.
  • Huge improvements to Files.
  • Redesigned Find and Replace experience that works in-line.
  • Customizable toolbars on iPad.
  • Reference Mode is coming to iPad.
  • New display scaling setting for iPadOS.
  • iPadOS adds support for virtual memory swap.
  • Stage Manager comes to the iPadOS 16.
  • Good luck learning new gestures, guys.
  • iPadOS now supports overlapping windows.
  • Yes, you can resize windows.
  • Full screen support with external display connected.
  • Up to 8 apps running on the screen at the same time.
  • Read all about iPadOS 16 here.
  • Developer betas available today, public betas next month. Final availability this fall.
  • And that's a wrap!

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