Apple’s iPad Pro Models Come With a 10.5 and 12.9-Inch Display, Are Extremely Lightweight and Ship With a Trail-Blazing A10X Chipset

The day has finally arrived when Apple refreshes the iPad Pro and it comes in the form of a 10.5-inch slate that features unparalleled hardware and a display that will be extremely breathtaking to look at. What’s more important is that the tablet is extremely lightweight meaning that it will be a breeze when your primary activity is media consumption. However, let's not forget the larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro because it too is back with a bang and offers more on the table.

Apple’s iPad Pro Models Comes With a 120Hz Panel for Smoother Animations and a 30 Percent Performance Increase Over Its Predecessor

What good would an iPad Pro refresh be if the 12.9-inch was not included? It is impressive to see that Apple has introduced a brand new 10.5-inch tablet and refreshed the massive 12.9-inch one alongside it. Coming straight to the features, both of these tablets get true tone displays with 600 nits of brightness. In other words, both of them will be able to handle HDR video. Another addition that’s been made is increasing the refresh rate to 120Hz, making animations and scrolling buttery smooth.

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Apple Pencil latency will be dropping down to 20ms, making the experience instantaneous. Now, why did Apple increase the refresh rate of its latest iPad Pro refresh; to increase battery life. In fact, both slates feature dynamic refresh rates; it will automatically adjust it based on what you’re looking at. For example, if you’re looking at an image, it will drop down to 24 or 48Hz.


However, if you’re watching a movie that is running at a higher framerate, that’s when the refresh rate is cranked up to its maximum value and here’s another perk; this is beneficial for the overall battery life for both slates. Coming to the innards, both iPad Pro models feature an Apple A10X chipset, which is 30 percent faster than A9X and more efficient, thus contributing even more to the slates’ battery life.

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According to Apple, the new iPad Pro will keep the battery life at around 10 hours and for the camera side of things, there is a 12MP rear-camera, and a 7MP front shooter included. As for the storage, the base model will get 64GB of native memory and the starting price of the 10.5-inch model will set you back by $649. The larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro will be a costlier investment, retailing for $799.


These new models are going to be shipping next week and before you ask, both of them are compatible with Apple’s Smart Keyboard accessory.

Would you be interested in purchasing one? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

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