Apple Will Launch the iPad 9 in September, Potentially With a Thinner Design


Apple is planning to update its entire product line with a new design and internals. While we are expecting the company to announce the new iPhone 13 models next month, it seems the company has a lot in store other than just the flagship smartphones. We are expecting Apple to announce the new Apple Watch Series 7 along with a redesigned iPad mini 6 as well as the iPad 9. Yes, you read that correctly, Apple is not only launching the iPad mini 6 but iPad 9 as well so it can boost its overall tablet shipments.

Apple's iPad 9 to Launch in September With a Thinner Design and Form Factor

Previously, DigiTimes stated that the iPad 9 will not feature a major design change but it will contribute an overall shipment boost for its tablets. The iPad 9 will allow Apple to increase its shipments up to 60 million units.

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Apple’s 9th-generation inexpensive iPad slated for launch in September may not come with significant design changes, but is still expected to boost Apple’s overall iPad shipments to as many as 60 million units this year, according to industry sources…

Now, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman states in the new Power On newsletter that Apple is planning to announce a new iPad 9 which will be oriented towards students. The iPad 9 will feature a thinner design but with a faster processor. DigiTimes also suggested that Apple is working on Titanium chassis for future iPad models but the material is not economical at this point for the company.

The new iPad will also equip with aluminum-alloy chassis that will be processed by PVD. The sources also revealed that Apple is also considering equipping iPads with titanium-based metal chassis, but the high costs for doing so may not be economical at the moment.”

While there are a lot of other products to be announced at its September events, we are anxiously waiting for the iPad series to be updated with a new design and faster processor. Apple released the M1 iPad Pro models back in April and we hope the company upgrades the upcoming iPad mini 6 and iPad 9 with faster processors as well.

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