Apple Watch Series 7 Does Not Use a New Chipset; Features the Same S6 as Last Year’s Model

Apple Watch Series 7 Does Not Use a New Chipset; Features the Same S6 as Last Year’s Model

The Apple Watch Series 7 disappointingly features the same design as the Apple Watch Series 6, with previous rumors leading us to believe that the flagship wearable will sport flat edges like the iPhone 13. Apple also did not announce on stage which chipset the new smartwatch houses underneath, and that is likely because the revelation would be met with criticism. It turns out the SoC is the same as last year’s Apple Watch Series 6.

No Mention of Apple Watch Series 7’s Chipset on the Tech Specs Section Either

Developer Steve Troughton-Smith eventually found out why there was no mention of the Apple Watch Series 7’s internals. On the latest version of Xcode, a platform that lets developers create apps, the latest device features the same S6 as last year’s model. According to the findings, both the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch Series 7 feature the ‘t8301’ CPU, which is the codename for the processor found in the ‘Apple S6’ System in a Package, or SiP.

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An eventual teardown of the Apple Watch Series 7 may also reveal that the smartwatch could use several other components belonging to last year’s wearable, and that could be disheartening to whosoever is intending to pick this up. It is possible that the ongoing chip shortage prevented the development of a new silicon, which means we will likely have to wait next year to see some advancements in this area.

There was also a rumor stating that the Apple Watch Series 7 will not feature any new sensors in favor of a bigger battery, but even on Apple’s website, there are no exact details mentioned. The company might have been running into production difficulties with the new design too, forcing Apple to go back to the drawing board and release a wearable sporting the same exterior as its predecessor, albeit with bigger displays this time.

There will be some livid customers, but remember that Apple is working on bringing new health features to its future smartwatch iterations, but like nearly all technological breakthroughs, the company is experiencing difficulties incorporating new sensors in a package this small. Perhaps we will see something incredible in 2022, so keep your fingers crossed.

If you wanted to see what the new Apple Watch Series 7 design might have looked like, clones with flat edges were earlier spotted online, so give those a gander when you get the time.

News Source: Steve Troughton-Smith

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