New Apple Watch Trade-in Promotion Gives You up to $100 for a Series 2 or Series 3

An Apple Watch promotion is currently being held on Apple’s website, where any customer in possession of an Apple Watch Series 3 or Series 4 can trade-in for a better model and receive up to $100 for their troubles. This offer is perfect for customers that want to own an Apple Watch Series 5 at a cheaper price.

How to Trade-in Your Older Apple Watch Series 2 or Series 3 to Get up to $100

Before the promotion kicked off, MacRumors reports that Apple was offering up to $60 for an ‌Apple Watch Series 2‌ model and up to $70 for an ‌Apple Watch‌ Series 3 model. With the new offer, you can take that trade-in value up to $100. One of the reasons why Apple has introduced a boost in trade-in prices is because of Heart Month, which takes place in February.

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With the trade-in value increase, you can put those savings to good use and get an Apple Watch Series 5 for $299, but this will be for the base model, which features a 40mm watch face size and doesn’t support cellular connectivity. MacRumors tested the promotional offer by trading in an Apple Watch Series 3. The $100 trade-in value that the publication received was provided in a refund form to the purchase price after the old Apple Watch is shipped.

In order to get the complete $100 trade-in value, your current model needs to be in working condition and should be cosmetically decent to look at too. The best thing about this offer is that Apple is also giving $100 back for its Series 4, meaning that for a limited time, your Series 2 or Series 3 carries the same value as the newer version that launched in 2018.

There’s no promotional offer provided for the Series 1. Still, if you want to trade-in your current smartwatch model for a new one, Apple will take $30 for it. It isn’t much, but you have to remember that it was launched three years ago.

News Source: Apple

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