The Apple Watch Edition Unboxed – Here’s What $10K Gets You

When Apple announced that one of its Apple Watch variants will be manufacturer out of 18K solid gold alloy, investors, customers and the general public alike were surprised. Even though Apple is known for its focus towards the high end, a product manufactured out of gold seemed like a bold idea. But Apple had another surprise up its sleeve. The Apple Watch Edition came with an equally bold tag of $10,000 - for the low end device. This made customers wonder what could the device be possibly made out of as to justify such an outrageous price. Well, for those of you wondering whats inside the Apple Watch Edition's box, we have just the video for you today.

The Apple Watch Edition Unboxed - Comes With MagSafe Integrated Box

Since the 18K Apple Watch Edition will cost you ten times more than any other Apple gadget you might have purchased in the past, its only natural that the device comes with its own unique accessories inside the box. The first change you'll notice from the steel and Sport Apple Watches is that the Apple Watch Edition comes with its own leather box that integrates MagSafe inside it. After all, if you own a $10K Apple Watch, you wouldn't want to place the device on any regular surface. The Apple Watch Edition also comes with a booklet that describes its manufacturing process, and a special cleaning cloth.

The exterior of the device's box is also slightly different from other devices, coming with a unique side band and information about the device's 18K gold color. Oh and when you turn on the device, you'll be greeted with its component information in gold - rather than silver. Apple's paid attention to the little changes when it comes to the Apple Watch Edition and rightly so. The Cupertino manufacturer would be hard pressed for differentiation in a product that has a illustriously high price tag. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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