Apple TV 4 Has Been Updated With 21 New Aerial Screensavers

Ali Salman

The Apple TV 4 is a very capable device when we speak of internals. Moreover, Apple has packed it with a bunch of goodies like a dedicated tvOS operating system and an App Store. This makes Apple TV more than just a standard media content streaming set top box. However, the company has not yet stopped in making it even better for users. One of the best features part of tvOS are screensavers. Now, the company has added 21 new Apple TV screensavers to make the viewing experience even more interesting. Let's see some more details on the new addition.

Apple TV Screensavers Updated With 21 New Aerial Images From Around The Globe

The new Apple TV screensavers are really impressive in all their might. They are displayed via the Apple TV in its complete 1080p glory. So how are the new Apple TV screensavers? The new screensavers showcases aerial view from different locations around the world. The new screensavers are part of the Apple TV which it will download at predefined breaks.


Apple TV screensavers are displayed in times of inactivity, whenever a user leaves the device on for a certain period of time. Anyone can take a look at these stunning aerial screensavers as 9to5mac has taken the liberty to share all the URLs. These URLs is what the Apple TV uses to download the screensavers. Moreover, since the Apple TV screensavers are just .mov files, anyone can view them in the video form. Even though the new screensavers have been released for the Apple TV, you can view or check out the screensavers directly on your iPhone, iPad and Macs as well.


The new screensavers looks absolutely stunning on a bigger display. Moreover, if you're a fan, you can set them up as your own desktop background image via the simple Terminal command. Judging on the bases of the 21 new screensavers, there is no doubt that Apple's video crew that operates drones has done a tremendous job in capturing aerial view of different locations from around the world. It's good to see Apple's efforts in making its set top box better with time.

Apple TV Screen Saver

So do see the 21 newly added Apple TV screensavers in all of their glory and also check out the great attention to detail. This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the 21 new Apple TV screensavers? Do check out them out and let us know in the comments which ones you liked the most?

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