Apple iPad mini To Sport Rear Camera & Lightning Connector


Now that the hype of the all new Apple iPhone 5 has died down, we now turn our focus towards the upcoming iPad mini and we’re certain this time that it’s sporting a rear camera.

That too we say is legit according to leaked images all over the web as proposed to the iPhone 5 which had its design leak made it one of the most leaked handsets on the planet!

As for those of whom you don’t know, the dock connector (aka the Lightning) has become smaller with the iPhone 5 and hence all future Apple products will support the same as  the case with the iPad mini.

Apple might slap on the A5 chip or even possibly the A6 quad core to power the mini up but it all comes down onto production costs and that too opting for newer technology will help them keep the competition up against Google’s Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire.