Apple Will No Longer Disable Face ID if You Perform Third-Party iPhone 13 Screen Repairs

Apple Will No Longer Disable Face ID if You Perform Third-Party iPhone 13 Screen Repairs

If you erroneously broke the iPhone 13 display and attempted to perform your own replacement procedure, Apple would disable Face ID, much to the dismay of customers and third-party repair personnel. Even if it was a genuine display, you could no longer access the device through facial recognition. Fortunately, things are taking a positive turn as Apple says it will stop locking down the feature.

Preventing Face ID From Getting Disabled on the iPhone 13 Will Happen Through a Software Update

Speaking to The Verge, Apple states that it will release a software update in the future that will not force you or third-party repair shops to transfer the microcontroller necessary to keep Face ID working after a screen replacement. Apple has not stated why it is moving away from its usual practice of locking down third-party repairs, but it might have something to do with all the criticism the technology giant has faced through media, Right to Repair advocates, and possibly infuriated customers.

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After all, it costs a fraction to get your iPhone 13 display replaced by a third-party vendor as opposed to stepping foot inside an Apple store outlet, so all the negativity surrounding this controversial decision might have forced the company to take a backseat. Before, when you attempted to replace the iPhone 13’s display and powered on the handset, you would get an error message saying ‘Unable to activate Face ID on this ‌iPhone‌.’

Repair shops that did not have access to Apple’s pairing tools could take the microcontroller from the original display to the replacement part, but it would be a time-consuming process that required soldering, a microscope, and a steady pair of hands to complete. Skilled iPhone repair gurus could have finished the job easily, but it is just another extra and unnecessary step that made matters complicated.

Apple has not stated when it intends to launch the software update that stops Face ID from getting disabled, but let us keep our fingers crossed, and we will keep our readers in the loop.

News Source: The Verge

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