Face ID on iPhone 13 Will Stop Working Even if the Display Is Replaced With an Original Screen

Omar Sohail
Face ID on iPhone 13 Will Stop Working Even if the Display Is Replaced With an Original Screen

Apple has doubled down on locking down third-party repairs with the iPhone 13 series launch by disabling Face ID when the original display is swapped out for a non-genuine part. However, if you replace the original screen with an authentic panel, too, iPhone 13’s facial recognition feature will refuse to work, making the situation a lot more painful.

Apple Could Be Preventing Improper Assembly of iPhone 13 Screens, Even if It Means Making Things Difficult for the Customer

A video posted by Phone Repair Guru showed that replacing the iPhone 13’s display with a non-genuine one would not just give the user a prompt that they had attached an unauthentic part, it would prevent Face ID from working. Assuming you did replace the panel on your own, and if you navigate into the ‘Settings’ menu in an attempt to set up Face ID, it will not function, meaning that Apple would be punishing you for attempting to perform third-party repairs.

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Unfortunately, you will be met with the same fate when trying to replace the iPhone 13’s original display with an original replacement. This development suggests that even if you managed to get your hands on the right component, Apple would make things difficult. The only workaround at this time is to take your iPhone 13 to an official Apple outlet or give it to third-party repair shops that are a part of Apple’s Independent Repair Program.

It appears that the iPhone 13 would be scanned under some kind of machinery to register its serial number, allowing for the repair personnel to successfully replace the display with an original part without disabling Face ID. The only drawback to this process is that customers will have to pay more for the entire process, not to mention facing potentially longer wait times if there is a shortage of parts.

Then again, Apple could be discouraging improper assembly of the iPhone 13 display, but considering that the Face ID components are not even a part of the screen now, it should not be too tricky for third-party individuals to replace the panels. Assuming you accidentally damaged the iPhone 13 screen, your only option at this time would be to take the more difficult route.

News Source: Phone Repair Guru

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