Keep Apple Music’s Billing Disabled For Auto-Renewal – How To

On 30th of June, Apple updated its OS to iOS 8.4 tagging in its well hyped Music Streaming Service called Apple Music. Presently, Apple Music is in heat considering its wide range of sub-services including the Beats1 radio station. Although the first three months are free for trial. the service comes with a monthly charge of $9.99 for individual and $14.99 collectively for up to six members.

Auto renewal subscription
Auto renewal subscription

To fit the three month trial period, you would need to have a credit card associated with your Apple ID. The credit card association is necessary as the subscription would not be possible without it, even when you're just opting the free trial period. So you will choose your desired billing plan/subscription when you activate the free trial and the billing would begin as soon as the trial ends.

Disable Apple Music Auto Renewal Subscription

If you are a calculated person but forgets a lot, you wouldn't want Apple to auto-renew your subscription at every month start. Its best if you disable the automatic renewal of Apple Music Subscription, so you can turn it back on when you need the music service or pay the bill whenever you want to. There are quite a few steps involved to disable the auto renewal of Apple Music subscription so better follow it as it goes.

Step 1:

Begin by launching Apple Music and tap the profile icon which is located at the top left side of the display. You will see some options here, navigate to 'View Apple ID' to have a look at your billing profile.

Auto renewal subscription
Auto renewal subscription

Step 2:

Among the options and information provided, look for 'Manage' under the subscription heading. (If you do not have a credit card associated with your Apple ID, the subscription heading would be absent). Now you are in your Apple Music subscription menu. The menu will display all information associated to your Apple Music's subscription.

Auto renewal subscription
Auto renewal subscription

Step 3:

In the Apple Music subscription menu, you will see the Automatic Renewal option. Toggle it to 'Off' and your auto renewal subscription will be disabled. Turn it back 'On' if you want to subscribe again automatically. Thats it to disable the auto renewal of subscription.

Cheers to Apple for including this option in Apple Music as a lot of people would be benefited with it. Even if you don't need this option at this time, its important to be acquainted, in case you have to use it in future when the free trial ends. This is it for now, try this if you haven't and let us know in the comments how it went.

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