Apple Dominates Top-10 List of Most Activated Smartphones in the U.S. For December 2020; iPhone 11 in the Lead

Omar Sohail
Apple Dominates Top-10 List of Most Activated Smartphones in the U.S. For December 2020; iPhone 11 in the Lead

An updated report on the most smartphone activations in the U.S. for December 2020 is here, and just like the previous stats, Apple continues to dominate the charts. Considering that the iPhone 11 was the highest-shipping model for the first half of 2020, it isn’t surprising to see it here at the top of the rankings.

Only Samsung’s Galaxy A11 Was Present in the Top-10 List, and That Too Being the Least Activated

The iPhone 11 cemented its dominance for the entire month of December 2020 with a share of 5.7 percent. Surprisingly, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which starts at $1,099, is more expensive than the iPhone 11, and it came in second place with a share of 5.3 percent. Just like the previous report, there’s no iPhone 12 mini listed, showing that the compact model didn’t make much of an impact.

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Previous data revealed that out of all the four models, the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini performed the worst, showing that it's a negligible market while there is a demand for smaller and powerful devices. Now, it’s not like the Android camp was completely defeated in December 2020, but it’s a hollow victory at best. Samsung, which is Apple’s biggest rival in the smartphone space, only had one model in the most activated list: the Galaxy A11. Keep in mind that this doesn’t even share a flagship status, showing there was little interest in Samsung’s premium offerings for this month.

Another smartphone, the LG Stylo 6, was present in the list, with a share of 1.9 percent and just above the iPhone 8 Plus, which was released in 2017. Fortunately, Samsung does have a reason to flex its muscles. While Apple’s iPhones were the most activated during December 2020, it was only in the U.S. Flurry notes that Samsung remains the most popular phone maker globally, and it looks like its popularity will remain strong in 2021.

Also, note that many iPhone models activated this year were the ones Apple released in previous years, as they are more affordable now. Then again, Apple has a compelling and diversified iPhone lineup in terms of pricing and performance, so that’s one reason why this brand continues to perform as well as it does.

News Source: Flurry

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