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Bad news for apple users numerous blogs are reporting that Apple App store have been compromised & multiple iTunes user IDs have been hacked.

A suspected Vietnamese developer “Thuat Nguyen” has 42 of the top 50 books in the iTunes App Store and earns the revenue in Books section of the iTunes App Store.


Patrick Thomson and iPhone app developermentioned

I’m the developer of the QuickReader iPhone application. I’ve been noticing over the past few days that my app along with yours has been slipping down in the rankings. On trying to figure out why, I discovered what appears to be a concerted and criminal effort to game the Books category rankings.
It looks like the Books category has been hijacked by an app publisher named mycompany/Thuat Nguyen. His apps now occupy 40 of the top 50 ranks in the Books category on the app store. These are apps that typically wouldn’t rank in the Books category and most of them don’t have any ratings or reviews. However if you look at the reviews for the Conan 3 app, you can see that 2 reviewers complain (as early as Monday the 28th) that their iTunes accounts were hacked and the apps were purchased by the hacker. It would appear that this publisher is hacking accounts and buying his own apps in order to drive up his rankings in the Books category.

This is having a negative impact on our apps, which are being pushed down in the rankings and losing visibility, plus it makes for a bad user experience.

Problem is not just limited to some individuals. Different people from different part of the globe are facing this same issue.


Words of advice
Change your password.
Remove all you credit card details change the mode of payment into “none”.
Contact your bank as soon as possible if you suspect anything. Keep an eye on your purchase list.

Source: Mashable

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