The iPhone 6s To Feature RAM And Camera Upgrades According To Supply Chain Sources

Not a day goes by that we dont see some new leaks, rumors and specifications pop up about Apple's upcoming iPhone 6s duo. With less than a month left until we get to see Apple's flagship devices be with us, things should be wrapping up nicely over at Apple and today we have some more whispers about the devices.

More Sources Speak Up About The iPhone 6s Coming With RAM Upgrade

Its been a good week when it comes to the iPhone 6s, and even though we've seen very little images of the complete device pop up so far, we still have a pretty good idea of what to expect on Cupertino's upcoming flagship when it comes to specifications. After we saw the Apple A9 and A9X feature in some benchmarks yesterday, today some more sources appear to have spoken up about one feature of the iPhone almost everyone wants an upgrade for: its RAM.

Apple's been very stubborn when it comes to RAM on its iPhones and the Cupertino manufacturer has chosen to rely increasingly on its hardware/software optimization to squeeze the most out of low specifications. But we've seen a lot of folks and sources speak up about a potential RAM upgrade on the iPhone, and you can add some more folks from Apple's upstream suppliers today.

According to news out of Hong Kong, Apple is looking for a RAM upgrade on the iPhone this year as well and that won't be the only specification upgrade on the iPhone 6s duo. Camera resolution for the flagship will also be increase to 12 MP from 8 MP this time around.

All of this, coupled with Force Touch in the mix makes us wonder that will Apple succeed in generating sufficient public interest in its 2015 iPhone launches? The S line of iPhones generally don't fare as well as generational upgrades and Apple should have some neat tricks up its sleeve to counter that. Stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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