Apple iPhone 5S Reportedly Delayed Due To Fingerprint Technology


The Apple iPhone 5S has been speculated upon a lot these days, many people believe that Apple's upcoming smartphone will be an evolutionary upgrade. We've seen the company do this in the past as well, a new iPhone with the 'S' moniker was first released after the iPhone 3G. Late last year Apple released iPhone 5 and now it is expected to make the announcement of iPhone 5S this summer, however it is being said that the Apple iPhone 5S launch is being delayed presumably because the company has run in to production difficulties, particularly related to its fingerprint technology.

iphone 5

Recently we had heard rumors that iPhone 5S production was to begin this quarter and that Apple was looking towards a summer release. It was speculated that Apple would make the announcement at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, which has been the venue for previous iPhone announcements. The iPhone 5S release date was pegged at June 20th by some sources, though there has been no confirmation about Apple iPhone 5 from the company itself. They've kept mum on everything related to their next generation iPhone.

Reuters is now reporting that iPhone 5S release will be delayed as Apple has run in to production issues. It is looking for a coating material that does not interfere with the fingerprint sensor, which is rumored to be placed under the Home button. Fingerprint technology on the iPhone 5S has been rumored a lot these past few days, Apple has a variety of patents relating to it as well, though one can't be entirely sure if something of this sort will be added to the next generation iPhone.

The Apple iPhone 5S is expected to be thinner and lighter than its predecessor. It will also reportedly tout a 12 megapixel camera, possibly a larger display and improved internal hardware package. The company is expected to many an announcement in Q3, 2013.