2018 iPhone 9 Case Render Leak Displays A Larger Camera And Thicker Borders

This year, we've seen sparse visual leaks for the 2018 iPhone lineup with an air of sound credibility. Most of the information shared with us is for specifications, which is a bit of a let down as Apple is known to focus equally on aesthetics and design as well. The few visual leaks that we do have provide absolutely zero details for build materials - an avenue which Apple has focused on consistently over the past couple of years.

Following an earlier case render leak that confirmed several details for the 2018 iPhone 9, we've got another one today. It also corroborates Apple's cost-cutting measures on the smartphone and gives us another good look at the device's externals. Take a look below for more details.

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Alleged Case Render Leak For The 2018 iPhone 9 Strengthens Rumors Of Thicker Borders And A Single Rear Camera Setup For The Device

Apple's expected to widen its iPhone net this year as it will bring down Face ID down to a lower price point.  Last year, the iPhone X debuted 3D facial recognition but the device failed to entice older users to upgrade their smartphones. Apple's real problem is convincing older users to upgrade and this year, it'll hope that reducing the iPhone's price and launching some rather quirky color options for the smartphone will do the trick.

To that end, Apple's alleged iPhone 9 will represent the best of both worlds. It will feature Cupertino's proprietary True Depth camera setup, which arguably the best in the flagship smartphone industry at what it does. To bring down the smartphone's price, Apple will equip it with an LCD display and remove 3D Touch from the equation as well.

The iPhone 9 is also rumored to have a rear camera module that's $15 cheaper than the one found on the iPhone 8 Plus. This decrease is understandable as the smartphone has consistently been reported to feature a single rear camera. However, what's caught our eye on nearly every single visual leak for the smartphone is the size of this sensor.

Apple's 2018 iPhone 9 Case Leak Once Again Displays An Abnormally Large Rear Camera, Thick Display Bezels, And A Front True Depth Camera Setup

One consistent detail that has surfaced in nearly every 'iPhone 9' leak is a rather enlarged rear camera setup. Apple's decision to strip the device down of its high-end features is unlikely to sit well with its consumers, who are known for their preference for premium, high-end gadgets. Therefore, the company needs a 'cherry' to entice users to purchase the iPhone 9, despite its only standout feature so far being a True Depth camera setup and a 7nm processor.

Will this enlarged rear camera do the trick? It's a well-known fact that Apple's iPhones still aren't the very best in photography as Google's Pixel and Huawei's Nexus 6P lead the charts in metrics such as low-light photography. Will Apple compensate for it on the iPhone 9 by introducing a larger rear camera that lets in more light? After all, choosing to stick with a single-camera offers several advantages.

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It will allow Apple to focus its efforts on a single sensor, and we've all seen the results of such an approach on the Nexus 6P. Cupertino needs to give the iPhone 9 it's all if the smartphone is to bear the brunt of its sales in 2018 and 2019. The smartphone's LCD display won't allow for a seamless border-free experience as on the iPhone X, further complicating the balancing act for Apple. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

News Source: Forbes

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