Apple iOS 10 Announced: Features, Release Date – Everything You Need To Know

iOS 10

Apple iOS 10 software update for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch has been announced. Here are the features, release date and everything else you need to know.

Apple iOS 10 Software Update Has Been Announced With Loads Of New Features And Enhancements

Apple just took to the stage and unveiled its brand new software which will power its mobile devices later this year - iOS 10. From the looks of it, Apple has deep plans to take iOS way above and beyond the capabilities what the company thought of a few years back. Without further ado, let's jump right into what's on offer this year.

Enhanced User Experience

Rather than adding a bit of spit and polish and simply calling it a day, Apple is introducing a bunch of new features that will enhance the overall user-experience for the user. To kick things off, there's a redesigned lock screen with rich notifications, this means you can say goodbye to that boring old lock screen from yesteryear for good.

Furthermore, instead of the usual 'quick actions' you get for notifications, you can now quickly interact with apps without opening the entire app itself, rather just a portion of it. That feature alone blew our minds for a second.

For those who love peeking at their lock screens a lot will be pleased to learn about a new feature which wakes up the iPhone as soon as you raise it towards your face. So no more pressing the Home or Power button to turn the screen on.

3D Touch is being expanded too. Instead of just peeking and popping into stuff, you can now use 3D Touch to interact with notifications from the lock screen, which is absolutely slick. It even lets you keep track of your conversations by simply deep pressing on a message straight from the lock screen. Basically, 3D Touch is being injected with steroids here, with things taken through the roof on so many levels. For instance, you can view videos in the 3D Touch pane, right on your home screen. How cool is that? But wait, you can even get live status updates as well.

Control Center is getting an update as well, and it looks way more cleaner than before with rounded edges being the order of the day as well as a dedicated volume pane. Things are topped off with a large button front and center to toggle Night Shift on or off.

Siri Opens Up To Developers

We love Siri and we're sure you do too as well, and realizing this fact Apple is now opening up Siri to developers. This means developers can now integrate the virtual voice assistant in their apps, making great use of her power. For instance, you can say 'Send a WeChat to Nancy saying I'll be five minutes late.' And just like that, Siri will grant your vocal wish and send off a message using WeChat, which happens to be a third-party service. Same goes for other apps if the developer chooses to go down that route.

Apple demoed that Siri will work with a ton of third-party apps, even those on CarPlay as well, which is a massively big deal if you're asking us.

But wait, Siri's new update doesn't just end there - the virtual assistant's new tricks are coming to the iOS keyboard as well. This means Siri will be able to go through your messages and pre-fill certain information in certain places before you even type it. This is especially handy if you tend to lose track of things a lot in messages and other places.

Keeping privacy in mind, everything stays on your device, and nothing is shared with Apple. At least that's what the company says.

Photos App Receives A Major Update

The Photos experience on iOS 10 is going to be massive. For the first time ever, Apple is bringing facial recognition to the Photos app on iOS, and all of the processing happens on your device, nowhere else, ensuring privacy from the get-go. But that's not all, object and scene recognition is part of the package as well. In other words, you can search for a photo using specific keywords such as 'Lake' or 'Photos taken by a tree.' We're sure you get the jive here.

Photos app will also cluster your photos together to give you a quick glimpse of what was taken in the past. And surprisingly Apple is constantly stressing on the fact that this information is stored locally on the device itself and not with Apple. Soothes us to know about it.

You also get a new 'Memories' tab in the Photos app, which will bring straight to you highlights of the places you've taken your photos at, people etc. An absolutely wonderful way to relive your memories at a moment's notice.

Apple Maps Is Not Just Better, It's Now Great

Apple Maps is getting a big boost with the announcement of iOS 10, with an all-new design in tow. Apple also claims that the new Maps app does a lot for you in advance, such as suggestions for where you might want to go. Voodoo material right there.

The entire UI is far more cleaner than before now - slide across the bottom and you get suggestions. Navigation is far more cleaner than before as well, and traffic information is far more visible too. And lastly, something which you'll love, you can now zoom in or out on the map during navigation.

All of the above mentioned Apple Maps updates are coming to CarPlay too. And to take things up a notch, Apple Maps is being opened up for third-party developers as well. Because of course, Google Maps isn't a good enough choice already.

Massive Apple Music Update

Apple Music just received an update of a lifetime, and ditches the old UI entirely for something more simpler to use and easier on the eye to look at. You get the usual tabs at the bottom, with 'Library' siting at the left, then is 'For You,' 'Browse,' 'Radio,' and 'Search.'

Music fans will also be pleased to learn that there's a new 'Lyrics' pane as well, so you can singalong to your jam without missing a word. Quite frankly, this feature should've been there since day one. But since it has arrived now, we'll take it.

There are other changes under the hood as well, which we'll discuss in detail later on.

Apple News Is Better Than Ever

If you're a fan of Apple News, which we're sure you are, then you'll be pleased to learn that Cupertino's news curating service has received a massive update too. It's a complete overhaul rather than a lick of paint, and is gaining a feature which many have been crying out for - subscriptions.

You even get lock screen notifications for breaking news, and other events.

HomeKit Gets A Dedicated App On iPhone Called 'Home'

A new Home app is coming to the iPhone, which essentially means more first-party stock apps you can't get rid of. But still, it's a nice addition and it will appease those who are neck deep when it comes to home automation.

Within one roof, you get the ability to control various, if not all, smart devices, which is kinda nice. But wait, there's more - Home lives in Control Center as well, so you can control things using a simple flick on your iPhone's display.

Home is a neatly implemented app which will surely appease a ton of users, since it negates the need of opening several apps to achieve something. Basically, think of it as the HomeKit framework, but brought to the iPhone on a system level in the most proper way you can think of. For instance, you can look through your smart doorbell's camera right from your lock screen. Isn't that cool?

The Apple TV can be used to act as a geofence for your Home environment as well. This basically means that whenever your come back home, or leave, your Apple TV knows what is needed to be done and initiates an action from there. Lastly, you can use watchOS 3 + Apple Watch to control your Home environment as well.

'Phone' Gets A Revamp

Ultimately, we're going to use our iPhone as a phone, on top of dropping comments on Facebook. Therefore, the phone bit of iOS 10 is getting a massive update, with voicemail transcriptions being added to the roster, spam detection for Chinese users, new VoIP API for making third-party calls like regular phone calls. This means you won't get a notification anymore for that Skype call, you'll get a proper view to accept or reject a call like how you would with a regular phone call. Pretty dope if you're asking us.

But that's not all, you can even dial a WhatsApp (or any other service) call directly from the Contacts app as well. This has been a long time coming, and Apple has finally listened to its user base. We'll give the company a big pat on the back for this.

Messages App Now Comes To Par With Popular Third-Party Apps

The Messages app is getting a massive update today, and iMessage users will be pleased to learn that their shared links with other users will now appear as 'rich' content. But that's not the whole story - you can play in-line video as well, from services such as YouTube. You don't have to tap on the link to open the app and watch a YouTube video, everything will happen there and then, the way it should've been. Same goes for images as well.

Sharing images with others using the device's camera is easier too in iOS 10. Just tap on the camera button next to the text box, and you'll quickly jump into the viewfinder in place of the keyboard, ensuring you're not taken out of the Messages app whatsoever.

Emoji characters are now three times bigger, and Apple is adding support for predicting emojis as well in the keyboard. And you thought your emoji game was good? Apple just made it even better for you! iOS 10 will automatically highlight words which you can transform to an emoji, and a simple tap will carry that action forward.

Your message bubbles can now have different effects as well. Hence allowing you to be more expressive than before. And your messages can now swell in size, or shrink, depending on how you like them to be.

Digital Touch is also coming to the iPhone, the feature which has been a marquee addition in the Apple Watch since its release. And yes, you can use it to send taps, if you so wish. Taking things further, you can now send hand written messages, allowing you to be insanely more expressive than before. A nice touch in iOS 10.

Apple Music integration is also there in the Messages app, allowing you to share a track with someone else and they can simply tap on the 'Play' button to dive into what you sent them. Of course, both parties should have an Apple Music subscription for this to work.

Lastly, Apple is opening up iMessage to developers, which means developers can now create stuff for Apple's messaging platform. They can create apps, stickers, and there will be a dedicated App Store for iMessage as well. Basically, iMessage is a big deal now for developers, rather than a go-to place for telling people what you're eating at the local restaurant.

Live Photo Editing On iPad

Ever wanted to edit a Live Photo? You now can with the power of iOS 10 coupled with the iPad.

Split View In Safari On iPad

Running two Safari tabs side by side has been our long-forgotten wish, and something which Apple is finally granting today. Yes, that's right, with iOS 10 you can now run two Safari tabs side by side.

iOS 10 Screenshots And More Details


Release Date

iOS 10 will be available for all devices this Fall and the first iOS 10 developer beta is available right away.

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