Apple Music In iOS 10 Brings Lyrics Integration, Redesigned Interface And More


Apple's WWDC event is finally here and the stage is on fire considering what the company has in store for users for the following year. Other than the firmware updates, Apple has also looked up on its music streaming platform. With immense competition from various music streaming services, such as Spotify, Apple is not reluctant to introduce new changes in Apple Music. So let's see what major changes has Apple introduced in its music streaming service.

Apple Music Redesign Brings Lyrics, Discovery Mix And Much More

The first thing that you will notice in the redesigned Apple Music app is in the Library section. You will see a much cleaner user interface, which is definitely a breeze to navigate. In the library, you will now see all your downloaded music, where all of your music will be available right at the front. Other than this, there is also a Recently Added section now available. This section will show you all of your music that you downloaded recently. So there is no point of scrolling through all of your downloaded songs just to find the one that you recently added.

Apple Music ori


There have been some tweaks made on the artwork as well. The artwork now looks bold and a little bit more highlighted. This pops up the the user interface even more. Another very important update in Apple Music is the addition of Lyrics. The Apple Music rival, Spotify has had this feature for a long while and just in time, Apple decided to integrate it in its music streaming service as well. Lyrics are displayed in a seamless form, so all you have to do is scroll and read it.

Apple Musicnotog


In the For You section, there have been several new additions as well. You will have access to the top discovery mix, which will allow you to see a list of songs that you might be interested in. Probably, the results will be based on your patterns of listening. You will also find a recently played tap, which will let you see all of the songs that you recently played. Other than this, a daily curated playlist will be available to you for your liking. Each day would have a different playlist that may interest you.

Finally, the Browse section includes Apple's in-house editors list of music. You will have access to the most recent and most important song or listed in the section. Overall, the updated Apple Music is different from the one that we're all used to. It is now way more seamless and streamlined.

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