Apple’s Could Use a Heating Method to Keep the Foldable iPhone Display From Cracking in Cold Temperatures

Apple’s Could Use a Heating Method to Keep the Foldable iPhone Display From Cracking in Cold Temperatures

Apart from using a chemically strengthened Ceramic Shield glass to prevent the foldable iPhone display from breaking when bent, there are other scenarios that Apple is focusing on to improving the device’s durability. Extremely low temperatures can result in display cracks, so a new heating method might prevent that. Here is a look at the details.

Apple Could Also Use a Magnetic Locking System to Prevent the Foldable iPhone Display From Jamming

Apple has been granted a patent that describes a method of keeping the folding area of the iPhone warm to prevent any unnecessary problems with the display later on. Patently Apple reports that a portion of the display that overlaps when bent needs to be treated to some kind of heat to avoid any damage. One idea was using a screen saver to warm up a portion of the screen as it crosses a bent axis.

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There is no mention of how using a screen saver might affect battery life, so Apple will need to use a combination of larger batteries and efficient components to make sure the screen saver continues to nominally heat the vulnerable areas of the foldable iPhone without guzzling the battery. It could just be a static image being displayed rather than a moving one, as that may contribute to improved battery life.

Apple is expected to use LTPO display technology for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The biggest advantage of using these displays is the refresh can dynamically switch between 1Hz and 120Hz depending on the type of content being shown. This means that if there is a static screen saver on the foldable iPhone, it will not adversely affect the battery. Of course, this might not be the only method Apple is exploring, and we will only find out more once the company is granted additional patents.

The complex design of the foldable iPhone could force Apple to delay it. This model will reportedly feature an 8-inch display when unfolded, with a launch timeline set for 2023. Even if that is the case, Apple is rumored to have no expected launch timeline in mind, as it likely wants to give priority to profit rather than jumping on the same foldable smartphone bandwagon as its competitors.

Aside from the heating method, there could be other areas Apple needs to look carefully to avoid a similar catastrophe with the original Galaxy Fold. Like always, we will update our readers on more foldable iPhone news, so stay tuned.

News Source: Patently Apple

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