Apple has Discontinued the Old Apple TV 4K and Replaced it with the New One, Apple TV HD Still Available with New Siri Remote

Old Apple TV 4K has been discontinued and replaced with new model

With the announcement of the new Apple TV 4K featuring A12 Bionic, Apple has discontinued the previous Apple TV 4K.

New Apple TV 4K with A12 Bionic Completely Replaces the Older Model but the Apple TV HD Stays with New Siri Remote

Apple's plans regarding its living room space are extremely interesting. The new Apple TV 4K might not be a mighty powerhouse or a console beater which everyone thought it would be, but it definitely is one of the most powerful set-top boxes available in the market today.

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With its announcement, Apple has made a small change in the entire Apple TV lineup. The new model replaces the previous-generation Apple TV 4K completely, which means you can no longer buy it from Apple. But here is something interesting: Apple is keeping the HD model in the lineup and will be selling it with the new and updated Siri Remote.

So, let us break it down for you once again: Apple is currently selling just two models of the Apple TV. New one with A12 Bionic and the old 1080p model, but now includes the brand new, redesigned Siri Remote.

It would have been really nice if Apple discontinued the Apple TV HD completely and kept the older 4K model instead at a lower price. But sometimes Apple leaves us puzzled, and this is one of those moments. Just accept and move on.

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