Apple’s First AR Headset Weight Details Shared, New Report States It Will Seamlessly Switch Between Augmented and Virtual Reality


Unlike other mixed reality headsets, Apple is expected to make a relatively lightweight one, according to the latest report. However, it is still expected to be heavier than the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which weighs in at 240 grams, and if you have ever held Apple’s flagship iPhone in your hands, you will immediately notice its heft.

Apple’s AR Headset Could Weigh Between 300-400 Grams, but It May Not Be Felt Since It Will Be a Larger Product

In his latest research note spotted by MacRumors, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple’s AR headset will weigh around 300-400 grams and will be able to seamlessly switch between displaying augmented reality and virtual reality content. This will mean that the product will be versatile in displaying content of different formats, and the low weight means the wearer will not experience fatigue during long hours of use.

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Sure, the AR headset will reportedly be heavier than the iPhone 13 Pro Max, but since it will be larger than Apple’s latest flagship, the weight will be distributed more evenly, thereby alleviating the mass when it is attached to your head. Unfortunately, you will need to carry around some extra weight in your pocket because the AR headset may need to be tethered to your iPhone to unlock its full capabilities.

Then again, an AR headset that is said to be this light and tout powerful processing capabilities will be an impressive feat. According to Kuo in a previous prediction, the mixed reality headset is said to feature two chipsets; one will deliver computing performance equal to the M1, while the second one will tackle sensor-related computations to handle 4K VR-related content that will reportedly be projected through a pair of micro-OLED panels sourced from Sony.

Aside from consuming media, Apple’s AR headset may also double as a gaming device, and with the hardware it is predicted to house, it could easily handle that operation. Unfortunately, it is a matter of how much it will cost the consumer. While the pricing rumors are all over the place, it is expected that the AR headset may set you back by $1,000, which is not cheap, but remember that Apple introduced a $1,000 iPhone back in 2017, so the aforementioned price may not look so ridiculous.

We advise our readers to treat this report with a pinch of salt, and we will be back with more updates in the future, so stay tuned.

News Source: MacRumors