Apple’s AR Headset Could Be Delayed Until 2023 Due to Overheating, Software Issues

Apple’s AR Headset Could Be Delayed Until 2023 Due to Overheating, Software Issues

Apple’s AR headset cannot seem to catch a break as far as a concrete launch goes. According to the latest news, the device could be delayed until 2023 as it is plagued with a plethora of problems, namely overheating and others, which we will discuss shortly.

Originally Planned for a WWDC 2022 Unveiling, Apple’s AR Headset Could Hit Shelves Much Later

People familiar with the matter informed Bloomberg that Apple has run into several hardware and software roadblocks amid the development of its upcoming AR headset. In addition to overheating, the report states that the company has run into other hurdles ranging from the camera and software integration. All of these issues could force Apple to push the launch date to 2023.

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The AR headset was initially planned for a WWDC 2022 unveiling, though a different analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, claimed that the company would announce it in the fourth quarter of the same year. Kuo also stated that shipments would pick up in the first quarter of 2023, though with the latest development, it is not confirmed when Apple would be able to ramp up shipments for this device.

Apple was said to be testing an AR headset variant with fans for optimum cooling, but it is possible that the company would have scrapped this addition from the commercial unit, given that it would add unnecessary bulk and noise to the entire package. Unfortunately, removing an active cooling solution increases the risk of overheating, and that could have been one of the many problems the technology giant has run into.

Also, since the AR headset will feature one 4nm and one 5nm chip, the device would be able to deliver impressive computational performance. A previous report stated that the headset would be able to match the performance of the M1. Since it was also reported to use the same 96W adapter as the 2021 MacBook Pro, the AR headset appears to require a ton of power, which again, would mean that Apple is running into overheating problems.

Supposedly, Apple has informed its supply chain that the AR headset will likely see a launch in 2023 and has considered a pricing of $2,000. The full potential of the device could be unlocked by pairing it with an iPhone, but we are confident that there is a lot more than we do not know about. As always, we are expected to find out more info in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

News Source: Bloomberg

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