A14X Bionic to Be ‘Nearly on Par’ With 8-Core Intel Core i9-9880H, According to Fresh Performance Analysis

A14X Bionic to Be ‘Nearly on Par’ With 8-Core Intel Core i9-9880H, According to Leaked Performance Data

The A14X Bionic will reportedly be found in the upgraded iPad Pro models, with the new chip expected to be made on TSMC’s 5nm node and will most likely bring new performance and efficiency numbers to the table. Just recently, YouTuber Luke Miani provided some interesting leaked data that talk about the performance of the A14X Bionic, and needless to say, those are very impressive figures. To get to know more about what we’re talking about, read on.

Earlier Reports Pegged the A14 Bionic to Be as Fast as the 2018 iPad Pro’s A12X Bionic

The performance data was provided in the form of a tweet that compares average performance gains from previously released A-series chips featuring the ‘X’ moniker. According to Luke Miani, the information that he’s able to provide based on past performance metrics shows that the A14X Bionic could be nearly on par with the performance of an Intel Core i9-9880H, an eight-core CPU that’s present in only the most powerful of notebook computers and requires a significant level of cooling to keep the thermals under check.

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It’s also a chip that’s running in the 16-inch MacBook Pro, in case you didn’t know. The A14X Bionic displaying these numbers while running in a wafer-thin package of the iPad Pro is downright impressive, but we’ve seen similar results before too. For example, the A12X Bionic running in the 2018 iPad Pro displayed results that were on par with a 15-inch MacBook Pro running an Intel six-core processor, so the A14X Bionic that’s expected to be made on an advanced manufacturing process should top these numbers without breaking a sweat, as Luke as shown in his tweet.

Also, the performance data reveals that the upcoming A14 Bionic expected to power the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup will only be a hairline slower than the A12X Bionic, though previously leaked results showed that the upcoming silicon would be faster than the chipset running in the previous-generation iPad Pro. Regardless, to witness this level of performance from thin and light devices like these would have been something unheard of a couple of years back, so we’re glad that the competition has become intense.

Still, we highly recommend that you treat these results with a pinch of salt until the official results are out, but looking at how powerful the A12X Bionic was, we have significantly high hopes from the upcoming A14X Bionic.

News Source: Twitter (Luke Miani)

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