APC Introduces the APC Back-UPS Pro Gaming – Electricity Backup For Consoles!


The APC Back-UPS Pro Gaming may be the world's first an Uninterruptible power supply featuring RGB lighting support, a USB Type-C port, and an upward-facing screen. For high-end gaming PCs or any work PC should be protected from power interruptions to ensure no damage comes to your device even during a voltage spike. The APC Back-UPS Pro Gaming UPS comes in either a white design or a black design and is currently available for pre-order through BH Photo and Video's website for $259.99.

APC announces a new UPS designed with gamers in mind, partly due to the RGB lighting present throughout the UPS

The APC Back-UPS Pro Gaming features a unique design having a color of either Black or white with a screen at a 160° angle to ensure that it's visible from nearly every angle, especially if the UPS is located on the ground near your gaming desk or gaming PC.

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The APC Back-UPS Pro Gaming features a unique screen design called the Reactor circle, which relates to how much power is left in the UPS's battery. The Reactor circle slowly ticks down as the battery included in the UPS slowly begins to die. The Reactor circle's color is completely customizable, making the UPS match your PC's color scheme easily.

The RGB lighting is aesthetically pleasing and functional as when the UPS detects any power anomaly, including small anomalies like wiring faults, the RGB lighting will pulse to ensure that the user is made quickly aware of any anomalies.

Source: APC

The APC Back-UPS Pro Gaming offers a total of ten outlets, with six of the outlets supporting both Battery and Surge Protection while the remaining four outlets support Surge Protection. This large number of outlets allows gamers Routers, Modems, and other gaming necessities to be connected with ease. This UPS also features two USB Type-A ports on the front of the device and a single USB Type-C port allowing for easy charging of phones or other peripherals.

The APC Back-UPS Pro Gaming is currently available for Pre-Order from BH Photo and Video, with no currently listed shopping date. This UPS offers a price of $259.99 for the Black or White color scheme.