Schneider Electric Announces The First Uninterruptible Power Supply Built For Gaming

With the new generation of consoles about to launch in less than two months, it's time for gamers to consider upgrading their setups for the next half decade of gaming. A 4K television, headphones or speakers, internet router, and the right controller are all important parts of any gaming setup but what about what's keeping them all running? Schneider Electric has unveiled their first uninterruptible power supply (UPS) designed specifically for gaming and it could be the keystone keeping your brand new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X from an early demise if you live somewhere with less than perfect electrical service: the APC Back-UPS™ Pro Gaming UPS.


We've all been there: you're about to save your game when suddenly the power flickers out for a brief moment and kicks your television and console off. Maybe the game failed to save, or even worse, was shut off midway through saving your game and got corrupted. While a UPS isn't often something gamers think about for their ideal home setup, Schneider Electric has made their new Pro Gaming UPS something to put on the shopping list for next gen.

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As the first UPS designed for gaming gear with gamers in mind, the APC Back-UPS™ Pro Gaming UPS delivers uninterrupted power protection, even during power outages and offers 12 customizable RGB LED lights enabling gamers to match their unique gaming PC and console designs.

As gamers invest more in their equipment and spend more time winning games, protecting both is critical. Gamers are protected with Sine wave battery backup power and AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) that delivers the smoother electrical current required by sensitive electronics protecting against power irregularities and resulting glitches during an outage. Adding the APC Back-UPS™ Pro Gaming UPS to their systems allows gamers to be confident they will remain:

The APC Back-UPS™ Pro Gaming UPS boasts a patented reactor circle which provides status of remaining power, surges, dips, power outages, and building wiring faults visible from every angle. Automatic voltage regulation protects against sporadic and irregular voltages while helping to extend the lifespan of gaming equipment. Available in two colors – Arctic (BGM1500) and Midnight (BGM1500B) – and 12 customizable RGB LED lights, gamers can also easily customize the look to match their gaming setup.

Adding in RGB lighting into your product is pretty trendy with gamer-branded electronics but this is one instance where Schneider Electric has the tech to back it up. No more getting kicked out of a match because your router and console blinked during a millisecond power surge. Peace of mind about not losing hours of progress in Mass Effect Remastered just because you didn't make a manual save when the power flickered is well worth the cost of the new APC Back-UPS Pro Gaming UPS.

The all-new APC Back-UPS™ Pro Gaming UPS features:

  • Six battery back-up outlets with surge protection that send power instantly to sensitive electronics, such as an Xbox, PlayStation, PCs, TVs, or routers/modems, during a power loss
  • Four additional surge-only outlets to protect against unsafe power surges and “hard shutdowns” that can permanently damage equipment
  • Three easy-access front USB ports to recharge devices, like a gaming headset and cellphone.

I've admittedly lost two hard drives on my PlayStation 4 Pro due to power outages while the console was in Sleep Mode. That $200 investment to pick up replacement SSHD's alone makes the APC Back-UPS Pro Gaming worth installing in my home office.

The APC Back-UPS Pro Gaming UPS from Schneider Electric will be available for pre-order on Amazon, Newegg, B&H Photo, Best Buy and Micro Center and will retail for $259.99 when it launches on October 21st.

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