AOC To Release New Curved AG352UCG6 Ultrawide 1440P Curved 120Hz Monitor In May

For those of you who absolutely can't get enough of news on the newest monitors AOC will be releasing a Ultrawide UWQHD (3440x1440 pixels) MVA monitor at 35inches and can hit a whopping 120Hz, 20 Hz more than the AG352UCG which is currently available.

No Compromises Here

This is meant to be a special edition, not a revision of the regular AG352UCG. AOC says it's aimed at the e-sports crowd, although I'm not sure how many Pro Gamers, or really hardcore amateurs would be gaming at 21:9, though I could be wrong. It comes equipped with Nvidia G-Sync support along with AOC Shadow Control and AOC's flicker-free technology, which I've used before and actually works pretty well to help mitigate eye strain. There is also a retractable headphone arm for when you want to put your headphones away or take pictures of your rig and show them to reddit.

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Featuring a red and black design along with a tripod like monitor stand to better deal with the challenge of a curved monitor the AG352UGC6 looks very sleek and wouldn't be amiss on any gamers desk.

The Monitor will be shown off during IEM Katowice Expo during the 25th and the tournament going on between March 2nd and March 6th and any member of the public may take a look at this monitor first hand.  With many games now supporting ultrawide like Call of Duty WW2 Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age and many others it's easier and easier to make the switch from 16:9 to 21:9, and aside from gaming makes any sort of productivity work a lot easier with all the extra screen real estate.

Cost is unknown at this point but the current AG352UCG is around $800 I would expect a slight premium since you would be getting a better panel.

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