Antec’s Blazer GT Case – A Chassis for Vertical & Horizontal PC Builds


Antec's Blazer GT case harkens back the days when PC cases were designed to work laying flat or as a tower, while after the 1990s the laying flat desktops cases became rarer as time went on, while the Antec has decided that a laying flat case has more to offer than the conventional tower case for the enthusiast market.

The Antec's Blazer GT is a semi-open case that has multiple ways to be orientated, either Vertically or Horizontally without losing any airflow to the components

This case has been stylized after jet engines used on fighters according to Antec, that style makes this case look amazing with two intake fans which look increasingly similar to a jet's air intake. This case can be positioned vertically on the right side, vertically on the left side, or horizontally, along with this flexibility, this case has multiple windows which allows for your PC components to be on full display no matter which orientation the case is in.

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The compatibility of this case is amazing supporting motherboard up to the ATX form factor and as small as ITX motherboard. This offers amazing flexibility on what components you can fit into this case, this case supports a CPU cooler with a height of up to 165mm, this makes most slim air coolers available to be used within this case. This case has support for up to 8 case fans, which makes sure all your components will stay cool even if the case is in the horizontal orientation. A surprising fact is that even with the case's dimensions of 595 x 560 x 305mm (LWH format), this case can only fit two drives, either being 2.5-inch drives or 3.5-inch drives.

The main advantage of this case is the ease of maintenance or ease to access your components, seeing as there would be no need to turn your case to the side and the ability to remove the side panel easier if this case is in the horizontal position.

This case isn't currently for sale at this point, and unfortunately at the time of writing there has not been any announcement regarding a prospective price for this amazing case, and as of right now this is more of a concept for a case rather than a finished product.