Fractal Design & Intel Intro the Era ITX PC case!


Fractal Design has introduced the Era ITX pc case, and this small PC case is designed for Gamers and DIY-ers, This small form factor chassis was created through collaboration with Intel. The Era ITX PC case is one of the most versatile small form factor cases currently on the market. Fractal Design wanted to make a case that breaks the typical convention and limitations that small form factor cases are known for.

Fractal Design and Intel have partnered up to create the Era ITX pc case, this small form factor PC case is perfect for Creators, Gamers, and DIY Enthusiasts

This case is a unique case that combines an elegant design as well as technical engineering to PC hardware innovation. The outside of this case features a surfaced, aluminum exterior that is paired with a top insert. The outside of this case comes in five different colors, and these include Gold, Cobalt, Titanium Gray, Carbon, and Silver. This top insert can range from wood to tempered glass. This wide variety of choices for the top insert allows you to match this PC case to any workstation or work area.

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"We were very excited about partnering with Intel in developing this case; it inspired us to take on a project that challenges the convention that elegant design can't be combined with flexible functionality, and we're very happy with the result. says Fractal Design founder Hannes Wallin."

This PC case can offer support for Intel's most powerful processors, and this includes Intel's 9th Generation processors, this case also provides support for dual-slot GPUs and AIO water cooling units. This case can support up to a 240 mm liquid cooler radiator. This case features even more compatibility. This includes up to four storage devices as well as an innovative, flexible PSU mounting system. This case has a small form factor, so little having just a 16-liter footprint. With this small form factor, airflow is fantastic; the optimal airflow and components are driven by the efficient chimney design.

This compact and stylish case redefines the small form factor cases, which are primarily defined by component limitations and airflow restriction. For pricing, the Era ITX PC case is currently priced at $159.99 on Newegg for all of the different colors.